Sold as Seen (I am Kloot)

That was great Brian. Well mixed, sounded quite high quality listening on my phone.

It was definitely up there, but I think the ping pong percussion song topped it (sorry, had to add that with so many people were saying this was your best one yet).

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Sorry for delayed response, guys. I’ve been knocked over by an Easter bug, but hope I am now on the mend…

Cheers @Eddie_09
They are good fun and provide variation from my usual strum’n’sing.
I suppose they’ll keep coming as long as my Droogs cooperate :laughing:

Ta @jkahn, I’m with you on it not being up in my favourites. Fitzcaraldo, Nothing ever Ends or Strange Love might be contenders for those :thinking:
But appreciate all the thumbs ups

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Gosh Brian,
It took a lot of Larsen’s to pull this one off. That is cool your family can stay together and play together. Your folks sound pretty good. I am also pumped you are getting more and more into the production side of things. Good job on this one all around!

Take care,

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Hehe, If I’m doing a project, I just send out the track to the usual suspects and see who takes the bait. The fish were biting that day :smiley:
Who knows, one day some of us might actually ‘play together’
Muchas gracias for the listen and positive comments :smiley:

Hi Brian! I’m still on the catch up trail… :wink:
Love this! :smiley: The subdued, melancholic vibe along with your top quality mix, made it a very enjoyable listen! Guitars from Chris fab as always (although your adding of some extra reverb seemed like a good call :shushing_face: :joy:) and I really enjoyed the drums, sounded perfect to me. As well as your vocals of course! The doubling really stood out to me and sounded great, nice addition :sunglasses: :+1:
The video was cool too (and super weird for its age :astonished: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :sweat_smile: ) but… now I know this is super difficult and time consuming… however it would have been sooooo great to see everyone doing their parts. I appreciate in these collab situations it is probably way more hassle than anyone is prepared to put in but man it would be cool to see! :star_struck: :wink: If you (and the others) felt so inclined in the future, I’d love to see that :slight_smile:
Cheers mate, take care! :hugs:

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You’re bonkers, mate! :open_mouth:
The consensus is that it has become impossible to keep up. Catching up is a task for Sisyphus :roll_eyes: :rofl:
Much appreciated nonetheless.
I can’t see my Droogs ever providing me with footage of them performing, so I’m afraid the visuals will remain in the realm of web-trawling :laughing:

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Why do these lyrics make me think of old store-window mannequins? :woman_shrugging:

Good work on the song to all involved in all areas. Pretty neat to find an old video like this.

Interesting info about the Moises app. I feel it would be over my head to try to learn how to use it. But it sounds awesome.