Sold as Seen (I am Kloot)

Another fun family and friends project :smiley:
Slightly different process this time-
I usually program my Trio+ with the chords for drum & bass, adding guitar and vocals on top, sending it out to the crew.
This time I worked from the original, separating the instruments with the ‘Moises’ app and replacing them with the individual contributions, as they arrived. It worked well enough, although it is much more satisfying to replace my poor recordings with quality, than replace the professionals with our amateur attempts… :roll_eyes:
We kept the song structure, chords and melody, but each of us gave it our own interpretation.
My brother, Hans, suggested the video, which I really liked.
It’s almost a hundred years old! :open_mouth:
Enjoy :sunglasses:


Music by I am Kloot

Chris Goldring, Guitars
Hans Larsen, Drums
Niels Larsen, Piano
Tor Larsen, Bass
Brian Larsen Vocals, mix & production


Brian awesome job bro just love the talent you have . Always very different


The best of your performances / productions I’ve heard since I joined the community. The melody and your delivery of it is memorable, almost hypnotic. Well done.


Bravo, Brian and friends. The performances all sound great, mix sounds fabulous, great guitar tones.

Love the song Brian and especially love the production. Well done to all involved.

I stand on their shoulders :rofl:
It’s good to try ‘different’ every now and again :wink:

Cheers Brian :smiley:

Aaah, but you are relatively new here :wink:
I think the visuals contribut a lot to the hypnosis,
Check this out :laughing:

Cheers David :smiley:

High praise from the mix-master :smiley:
Don’t tell Chris I added a touch of reverb to his cool guitars :rofl:

@prbushe Cheers mate. Much appreciated :smiley:
My brother chose the song this time, as well as the visuals.
Thank goodness we share a lot in taste :laughing:


Great moody performances from you all here,
Like the process using Moises too, neat idea

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Hi Brian,
:sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing:
Definitely one of the better ones in terms of how everything fits together, and this song was written for your voice :sunglasses:… lovely guitar in between the double voices every now and then later and well I can list everything now but I’m a bit out of time today :smile:
Bye :wave:

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It’s interesting. The Moises works really well for removing the bulk of any instrument/voice, but it’s not great for using any of those tracks in a project (poor quality). So this wouldn’t really have worked out if my son hadn’t wanted to play bass, for instance.

Thanks Rogier. Appreciated :smiley:

Out and about in the Pope-mobil, I hope? :laughing:

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Excellent job by all. This is one of my favorite production that you have presented. I really liked the video you used.

“It’s good to try ‘different’ every now and again :wink:

I chuckled at this comment. When haven’t you? :wink:

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Thanks for the listen and compliments, Mark :smiley:
Those early German films were so far ahead of their time! :open_mouth:

You say the nicest things :rofl:


That sounded great, so impressive. It must be really nice being able to just grab anyone in the fam and be able to have a small jam sesh.

Yeah that video is wild. 1927? I have always been fascinated about the interwar period in German. The art was really amazing for the time.

Great family production! :call_me_hand:

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My wife uses Moises to isolate drum parts she’s learning - it is very clever and useful for that, but you’re right about the quality - the programme makes drums and cymbals sound kinda swirly

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Cheers, Jason :smiley:

Haha, if only! I’d be lousy at jamming. It takes me forever to learn a song from chord and lyric sheets :roll_eyes: These friends and family collabs are all done internationally over the web. But they are nice ways to keep in touch :smiley:

Absolutely :open_mouth:
I’ve used an even older clip in one of my songs before, but just listening to it again now makes me cringe. I really should rerecord it again with better levels :rofl:

I’m looking forward to removing vocals and guitar from a couple of tracks I like and trying some covers with the original bands :laughing:

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Brilliant! (again) Brian
Love your style and creativity.
I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen from you and the Larson Fam Clan Collab
Great video too :smiley:

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Thank you, Jasmine :smiley:
Super-supportive as always.
Much appreciated! :sunglasses:

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Hey Brian, this is by no means an amateur attempt! I really like the outcome of your collaboration. The process you used to separate and replace the instruments is very interesting. I’ve tried removing an instrument from a recording myself using BandLab (doesn’t cost anything).
In your recording, I especially like the sound of the guitar. Is that your new G&L Tele you were using here?

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Super stuff Brian - I have to agree with Beejay’s comment - this is my favourite of your productions so far. Really superbly excecuted.

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Vielen Dank, Franz :smiley:
I don’t know anything about Bandlab. There had been some discussions here about Moises and I was curious. I bit the bullet when Chris asked if there was a way of reducing the drum volume on one of his band’s recordings.
Regarding the guitar. There’s a link to the credits under the video). I’m afraid Chris played all the guitar and I simply did vocals and production on this.

@twistor59 Cheers, Phil :smiley:
you never really can tell what will work (for yourself or others) until it is finished :thinking:
Chris wasn’t enamoured with the song choice initially and as I mentioned above, it’s a bit disheartening replacing studio recordings one by one with home-made ones :laughing:
Happy enough with the final product though

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I love these productions Brian and they keep getting better and better! Keep them coming :sunglasses: