Solo Blues Course - prerequisites?

Hi - I’m a beginner coming towards the end of the beginner course. I really enjoyed doing the solo blues set piece with both rhythm and lead lines, and would like to do the Solo Blues course.

I’m not sure whether I can move to this straight after the beginner’s course and proper consolidation of the beginner material, or whether I should do the intermediate course first. I’d be interested in hearing thoughts from anyone who’s done this course!

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Hi Sajid,

Have a look at the below videos for the prerequisite piece for the blues solo course that was included in the old beginner’s course book.

Solo Blues Part 1
Solo Blues Part 2
Solo Blues Part 3

That should be a nice piece to get under your fingers during the beginners grade consolidation period.

I did attempt to start the blues solo course but found it to be a bit demanding for my level at the time. I felt it was aimed more at an intermediate level but that may just be me.

Note that the solo blues course is also being updated.

There’s a link for a tab pdf on that first video which returns a 403 error. I wonder if it still exists somewhere?