Some Jazz Standards


As I was encouraged by a lot of nice people after my last post, I wanted to upload the Jazz - Standards I know. There are only three :smiley: The first one was published here a while a go, here are the other ones:

Autumn Leaves
Beautiful Tune, and the first Jazz standard I learned. I stumbled across a Video of Paul Davids and fell in love with it. Also, this piece is probably the reason, why I started to become interested in Jazz after all. Here are the Tabs - its for free! It’s using a tool called sound slice… pretty cool, you should definitely check it out!

Fly me to the moon
Is by far the most difficult piece I know. I needed more then half a year to learn it, almost threw my guitar out of the window countless times, screamed in frustration and needed only-god-nows-how-many-takes to record it. But I love the tune, so it’s worth it :smiley:

The tabs are also for free, on a page named guitar-downunder. Click!

Right now I am trying to learn “Misty” as next Jazz-Standard… so let’s see how many months I will need for that one. If I don’t give up learning it, ill post it here somewhat around Autumn :stuck_out_tongue:



That was great Kevin. I really enjoyed them both particularly Fly Me To The Moon. I’m a Frank Sinatra fan. It reminds me a bit of the Tommy Emmanuel and Emil Ernebro version of Fly Me To The Moon which is fabulous. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Great playing on both of these, really enjoyed listening to you.

Hi Kevin, more great, jazzy mellow guitar from you. Thanks for sharing.

Wow Kevin that was great. Lovely playing and you had a super jazz tone from your guitar and amp. Some stretchy chords in there too! Well done.

Love it, Kevin, the playing is smooth, the tone just spot on, and your selection of songs is hitting the sweet spot for me.

Have fun learning Misty!

Thank you for sharing Kevin, your practice time shows, nice and smooth jazz, perfect.

Congratulations for these recordings :wink: Although standards are not my main interest within jazz, this kind of playing is an item on my super-long-term to-do list.

Very nice Kevin, if this is your main interest you might look at Sandra Sherman on Guitar versum on YT, she has always been my go to for anything Jazz!

Very nicely player, thanks for sharing the links!

Excellent playing Kevin. Keep up the good work.

Sounding awesome. Love this stuff.

Is Autumn Leaves the easiest jazz standard? Or just the first you learned.

Really great playing.
I enjoyed them very much. You are certainly an accomplished guitarist.

Hi everybody,
Thanks a lot for your comments, they really keep me going! :smile:

Whishig you a great Sunday with lots of guitar!


Thanks for sharing, really great content :smile:


Actually both, I would really recommend starting with autumn leaves if you are interested in the genre.

  1. The song structure is relative ease, being AAB
  2. Mostly 7th grips, and no super weird or stretchy chord shapes
  3. The song is short
  4. Justin has a great tutorial, in module 6 “jazz standards”
  5. The stuff on sound slice is really awesome, if you want to learn the fingerstile arrangement
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Hi Kevin,
Not a big jazz fan on this end. But both of these to my ears were quite nice. An enjoyable listen for sure. Timing seemed good, tone was good and the play overall seemed on the money. Good job!

All the best,

Hi Kevin,
Absolutely ridiculously nice to listen to…as far as I’m concerned it has been worth all your hard work, you can/should be proud of this…A super deep bow for this… :man_bowing: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet: :bouquet:

That was some very tasty jazzery Kevin. I loved them both and that were really well played. Keep at the jazz so we can hear more of what you have to offer.

Hmmmmm, you’ve not sold me on maybe trying to learn it myself. :smiley:

@GreenRider Hi -I finally got around to trying to learn this one (Autumn Leaves that is). I’ve got a strat to but I don’t get that amazing jazz sound you seem to have, are you using any effects? Thanks Leon

Sure. I used a bit of overdrive and a bit of reverb, that’s all :wink:

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