Some new songs for the acoustic guitar

Hi all,

I’m posting some new tunes below let me know what you think if you have a listen

A carnival of geniuses

Kanali sunset, windy

Night caravan oasis

One round for Stephen Fry

Out of curiosity how many other forums have you posted these on?


7-8 guitar forums if I remember correctly, not only but also because of curiosity, why did you spend the time and effort to ask?

Why did you spend the time and effort posting to so many forums? Are you looking for specific feedback?

Why don’t you read what I have already written under the comments, before you draw conclusions?

Hi Alexandros.
Marvolous playin.

I think that the question raised from James is valid. Youre playin is very very good. And posting 4 videos on 7-8 different guitar forums will raise the question if you are looking for feedback or if its some kind of «self promoting» thing…

Anyways nicely done.


Alexandros, by this I assume you are referring to the write-up in the description of the YT videos?

I am OK with Community Members asking questions about intentions, provided we keep the questions respectful, not personal, and would ask the same from Alexandros in responding.

Should the tone become inappropriate and cross the line in terms of our Community Etiquette then I’ll step in and moderate.