Some of my multitrack recordings - OneManBand

Well done good sir! I would like to invite you to post your tracks on youtube so that I can get stuff like this on my morning feed. Would also like to see you play. Thanks for the share!

Thanks for listening. RG

Hi there. I don’t have a youtube page. You might be able to link to my soundcloud page: Stream Ron Gitter music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud. Thanks for listening…RG

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OK, no worries. Carry on and rock on!

Hi Ron,

The production level is off the scale. Such clarity and controlled energy.
Great tones and very tasteful playing.
Organ sounds brill.

Think I may audition for the next Hulk movie - I’m so green with envy. :slight_smile:

Awesome job.


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Digger: Thanks for the comments. Greatly appreciated. RG

Thanks for sharing that, Ron, sounded fabulous a really pro-level production, the arrangement, the mix, the performances.

Are you entirely self-taught and a hobbyist? Sounded good enough to be in a movie/tv show soundtrack.

David: Thanks for listening. I’ve had teachers over the years, but I was never a very good student:). The technology today allows you to teach yourself if you’re willing to put in the time. My goal now is to write and produce as much as I can and see what happens.

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Folks: GM. A little more of my story. I was a pretty active songwriter in the 80’s and 90’s, but then I just stopped, after a lot of rejections and a need to earn a living. I basically took the next 20 years off and didn’t even sit down at a piano. I did listen a lot. On a flight across country to visit my brother around 2012, I stumbled onto garageband on my ipad and started writing a tune. You could actually play instruments directly on your ipad! It was a revelation and a reawakening. Things evolved from there, and eventually, I bought a MacBook and transitioned to Logic. Logic is not just a great DAW, it’s a great platform for songwriters. I guess you could say I’ve been in the woodshed since 2015 writing and recording and working on my own sound. Things evolved again when my good friend Tom, a man with many guitars, just gave me one of his strats when he was visiting my wife and I in NC a number of years ago. The guitar just sat there staring at me, wondering when I was finally going to pick it up and make something happen. As I mentioned before, when a producer/engineer I work with said it’s time to pick it up, I did. And then I found Justin’s site. Midi instruments are amazing, but adding guitar to my writing has again changed everything. Except for sending a finished project to a friend every now and then, I didn’t go public with my writing until this past May when I started posting tunes on soundcloud. Don’t know where it’s all going, but I’m enjoying myself😊.

Here’s a tune I wrote about a year ago and just posted. Hope you enjoy…RG


That’s great stuff Ron - you’re clearly a talented musician! Was that a real Hammond you had in there?

Whoa Superfly meets Miami Vice, with a side order of Rod Argent and Carlos. Great toon Ron !! So glad you found your mojo to write again, you are spoiling us.

More please.


Thanks for listening. It’s appreciated. No, it’s not a real B-3, but I’d glad you asked:)…RG

Toby: Superfly meets Miami Vice. I may have to trademark that…RG

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Really cool again Ron. Above my level to offer and advice, but sounded great. Nice work!

Eddie: All good:). RG

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Wow! You’ve got some talent! I loved that you used some interesting/jazzy chord voicings. They gave it a little bit of a Steely Dan vibe for me.

Hi there. Thanks for listening. Yes, I am a big fan of Dan:) RG

Glad you decided to take up writing and guitar again Ron it would have been an incredible waste of talent if you hadn’t. That track had a great groove it made me feel completely chilled. I enjoyed it very much. :clap:t3:

Thanks for listening! RG

Cool funky, jazzy vibe, Ron. Another pro-grade production.