Some of my multitrack recordings - OneManBand

Okay, finally figured out how to post a tune. Here’s a link to the tune on my soundcloud page:


Outstanding :slight_smile: , Really enjoyable, I can see myself picking your brains in the future…

Played all through.


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Very cool Ron. Thanks for sharing!

Hi there. I sent a response via email, but I’m not sure you received it, so one more time: Nice to meet you and thanks for listening…RG

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Hi there. I sent a response, but I’m not sure you received it, so one more time:). Nice to meet you and thanks for listening. RG

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NP, the email I used when I joined has been closed now due to ISP change but I couldn’t change my profile address as I didn’t work. Seem though that It may have been seen to as I had a new email this morning. :slight_smile: Thanks admin @larynejg

That was some great playing and a nice production, Ron. I was getting a real 80’s vibe from it.

And congratulations on your first AVOYP posting.

Thanks for listening! RG

Hi Ron - that is quite something.
Kudos in good measure.

I know we have a good number of people who also spend time on ‘productions’ using DAW etc. though I’m sure most people, out of general interest, would be curious to know what the recipe is here.
You mention in your intro you use a lot of software - what are the various tracks and processes? What guitar layer sits on top that you played?


Richard: Thanks for the comments. It’s appreciated. Okay, so just start a new topic? RG

Hi Ron … I meant the extra info would be good to see in this topic.

Sorry, still figuring stuff out. You mean in a reply to your ask, correct? RG

Yes, that, or in a general reply.

Okay, I will put something together…RG

Ron wow that was a great mix and production ! Heck the song weren’t half bad either :rofl: and certainly does justice to your Intro post. Guitar was really solid throughout and a great tone, loved the keys, which I assumed was you given the bio. Like Richard mentioned I’d be interested to learn more about the mix and prod as its nice to see how others approach multi track projects. Certainly looking to hear more, as this was quality for sure. Thanks for sharing !

Toby: Thanks for the comments. It’s greatly appreciated. I will put something together about the production on the tune. RG

Damn this is pro stuff.
I very much would like to know how this guitar tone came to be (effects, layering)
and than the organ chips in. Man man…
The 80’s detective shows called and they all want their mojo back! :smiley:

you must have a broad musical background we don’t know about :open_mouth:

Lieven this may help

Folks: GM from NC. Here’s a not too deep in the weeds description of my set up. I am a Logic user running on a MacBook. I use a focusrite interface and Adam Audio 5 inch monitors. My guitars are a Jimmy Vaughan Strat that a friend gave me and a Maton AP5 Pro acoustic (thanks to Justin’s review). My midi controller is a no frills 49 key keyboard from Line 6. I use many the usual suspects from Native Instruments and Waves, mastering software from Izotope, as well as many of the stock plug ins found in Logic. As far as mixing and mastering are concerned, I share Justin’s view that if it sounds good, it is good…RG


Way above my level of expertise, playing and recording, to comment on. Suffice to say it is very good work, sir.