Some thoughts on why I struggle with strumming and staying in time (Written prior to knowledge of me course)

Continuing the discussion from Bukovinsky learning log:


Vast improvement with spider exercise

Need to strum in the same place consistently
I’m still struggling with timing I believe one factor is that when I strum I do not stay consistent with where I am strumming on the strings my arm tends to drift down the guitar. Is to avoid strumming into my leg. How to place my body in relation to guitar?
Seems like either I am struggling to catch up or when I finally to get on beat everything slows down (in my mind). Anybody else have this problem? so I have to consciously slow my strumming down it is very strange. If I am not on beat it feels like I am struggling to keep up but when I am on beat I have to try to slow down to remain on beat.

Just saw new strumming course. On website

Just started new strumming course WOW!just what I needed. Again JG delivers. How did you know this was just what I needed?

Changes to make
Strumming mechanics
- 1 min session diff bpm
- 1 min interval 60, 80, 100, 120 ( 5 min)
-strumming mechanics.
Correct angle of pick, arm straight
Elbow to pic
Need som pics of correct vs incorrect

Make sure strum is Consistent

I am really excited about this new course I’m sure I will see improvements hopefully I will be able to record them for my journal.


Hi Jason, good you found in the strumming course just what you were needing. I am still pondering if I should take it myself. I think that creating a separate topic in addition to the actual learning log in this section is not expected, but Richard @Richard_close2u may advice better. You don’t have to do anything. He will take care if needed.

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It happens to me too and I think it’s quite normal, we have to try to adapt to the beat to go along with it, and to do that we “take measures” (just hope you understand this as my english sometimes fails me). I think it’s very important to make sure you’re feeling comfortable with your posture, I try to always put extra focus on this aspect, it’s super important!

The new Strumming Course…

A good question for Justin :blush:
I haven’t started it yet but I already know it is what I need too from the lessons’ titles :heart_eyes:

I just purchased Justin’s Strumming course. I agree that staying on time and consistent are major hurdles.

Although I am mostly playing and planning to work with classical and fingerpicking, strumming is a fundamental that I definitely believe will help all aspects of playing and definitely KNOW I need remedial help with.

I haven’t started the course, but have confidence in its value and quality. Besides, I don’t mind supporting Justin.

Hopefully, after a while, our internal sense of timing will develop a bit and we will have less difficulty. But if I can’t strum in time, how can I fingerpick in time?

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Joshua @Jamolay
First impressions of the strumming course, is positive it looks very good.
Michael :guitar: