Some upgrades to the SE McCarty 594 SC

Replaced the SE knobs with PRS core lampshades, and upgrades/replaced the se vintage tuners with Kluson Revolution Non-Collared Vintage Locking tuners in gold… kept the original rings, so it has the gold/silver look of the USA/Core/S2 models… I realllly want to get a core in Cobalt Blue… but I can’t even justify it. The new SE McCartys are incredible. Still suffering from G.A.S. over the USA long weekend. I ordered an SE Silver sky in Stone Blue that should be here Wednesday. That’s another guitar where the SE models are so good, it’s hard to justify the core.


Beautiful. I have a PRS dealer about ten minutes from my house, and there are several I love, but I’m so bad I can’t justify owning (torturing?) any more guitars.

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I wish I had a full authorized dealer near my house (instead of just authorized for the SE line)… though it’s prob better that I don’t :joy:… I find enough of them online anyways… PRS has become my go to brand for electrics though…: and from my own experience and talking with a lot of people, the only brand I trust to blindly purchase online, sight unseen and without playing it… they’re just incredibly consistent. Whether SE, S2, or Core… the new SE mccartys basically cancel the need to get an S2, since they now use the same pickups on both for that line… I am really excited for silver sky… I spent a week watching and listening to demos/reviews and just love the sound. Personal preference, but I prefer the silver sky sound to a strat, and I think the McCarty is closer to the 59 Les Paul sound than modern Gibson LPs. If you haven’t played with one, you should def go check it up. They’re incredible guitars. The SE line is almost unanimously held up as the best line in its price range. The SEs bat way above their weight and as PRS has continually upgraded them and closed the gap, it’s gotten to a point where you see a lot of pros taking SEs on stage or in the studio.

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Beautiful PRS… I love the blue & nice job replacing the tuners!!!
Reference the PRS Silver Sky, first time I’ve seen one played was by John Mayer…

I love this song & watching a studio version is too cool!!!

Have fun with your PRS!


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Looking good Bryan. Love that blue finish and the gold kit makes it pop even more !

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