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“Make it sound more slick” I see what you did there :wink:

Yet another song that I really like. Ordered a capo so that I can practice this, swapping practicing between Buffalo Springfield and Jefferson Airplane to keep things interesting, and also getting used to different chords and progressions.

Loved Salena channeling her inner Grace Slick. She absolutely nailed it.

I took some time out due to work pressures (approx 6 weeks), and then stopped playing from end of May until today (approx 2 months).

Had some free time, and whilst my son was playing outside with his friends (cul-de-sac, hence easier to keep an eye on them), picked up my guitar from the guitar stand, re-tuned, and started practicing inc one minute chord practices.

Decided to focus on learning one beginner song and decided to stick with ‘Somebody To Love’. After a bit of practice with the verse, learned the G chord to be able to learn the chorus. Am rusty with chord changes, especially as the chorus section is new; however easy to pick up and good chord change practice as each chord is half a bar.

Ended up spending 90 minutes practicing and really enjoyed the session. My muscle memory hasn’t forgotten the chord shapes. Trick is to get back into the daily 30 minute practice session groove.

Once I’m back in the daily groove need to focus on strumming action to incorporate the required strumming patterns for this song.

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Great to have you back on track!

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Thank you!

I checked my diary and I initially played every day for 7 weeks, hit end of financial year at work and a massive workload that aside from a couple of days, saw no playing in April.

Then a couple below of days in May, then nada until the weekend just gone!

Have just finished my 3rd consecutive day and have been refreshing basic music theory, when not playing.

Keeping a playing diary has reminded me that I really haven’t got a lot of playing time / experience, but am pleased with the progress that I’ve made in this short time.

Focusing on one song that I enjoy that utilises basic chords - em, A, D and G - with a degree of frequent chord changes (half a bar), really helps with motivation and a sense of progression.

Life frequently gets in the way, and I had forgotten how rewarding I have found learning guitar. Also helps that my son is of an age (six) where he and his friends (two doors down either side) are frequently playing in our house, their house, etc allowing me downtime to play


Yeah it isn’t always easy to find a good time bracket and sometimes when you have the time, it’s an “off day” where playing isn’t really working :smiley:

Trying to have a steady dosage is always a good idea. No use in playing a whole day if oyu’ll put it down for 10 days. The sense of progression is great! Make sure your rhythm is stable and constant in flow, volume, attack,…

See you around!

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I purchased Justin’s metronome app earlier today because I’m noticing that I need to focus on rhythmn (playing in time with the beat).

That’s in tandem with practicing clean chord changes, changing chord in time with the beat, and maintaining the strumming.

This track provides such a good guitar workout for incorporating the earlier stages of Grade 1.

I started this song using the JG songbook, ohh how I struggled not to put in an extra note on beat three of the second bar. Had a shufty at the video and hey guess what? I’m not the only one. It just feels so right. Cheers Justin :grin: