Someone else's NGD

At the pub last night and the party at the next table, dude got given a new Schecter 7-string. Didn’t get a really good look but might have been the C-7.

My envy was potent. :drooling_face:


Is that 7th string a bit like being able to turn it up to 11? :smiley:


Nope, just helps with that nice dark sound for Metal, low B is nice! Power riffs etc…

Thanks Darrell, so where does it come in the string order?

It’s below bottom E, it’s usually tuned to B in standard tuning. You can also get an 8 string there it’s tuned to a lower G, but there are also some alternative tunings where the lower notes are just used as drones.

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I think of the extra string(s) a bit like having a hybrid guitar + bass combo.

Is that 7th string a bit like being able to turn it up to 11?

Well the extra string is tuned lower than standard, so it’s more like being able to turn it down to -5 :smiley:

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Not a Schecter but Nili gives a nice demo of 7 strings, if you’ve not seen or heard one. :sunglasses:


I love the Schecter C1 Hellraiser BCH but it also comes as an 8 Schecter Hellraiser C-8 FR Black Cherry and a 7 Schecter C-7 Hellraiser FR BC however 6 are plenty for me and I don’t need another guitar !! … Do I ??

Just our of curiosity, what does NGD mean?

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New guitar Day


Before the ‘exotics’ with more than 6 strings, there is that tele, which you could do a Keef number on and remove the low E to make it an open G 5 string riff machine

Well you’ve got a few guitars and a couple of basses… maybe a drum kit or a tambourine?

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Thank you for that Toby, as I’ve not heard one before, well, that I know of. That was a saucy bit of playing. Fingers on fire.

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A gorgeous guitar, and amazing playing from the guitarist! Thanks for sharing the video. I didn’t even know that “active pickups” was a thing.

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