Something in the way Nirvana Cover

Just wanted to get people’s feedback before I make public!

Not much in the way of guitar playing here from Nirvana but shows that 2 chords can sound great


Loved it Lewis!!!

Its a supercool song that i love, and yeah. 2 chords and you made it sound awsome :fire:

Well done!
Keep em comin!

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Thanks! I’ve taken about a year from not being able to really sing at all and feel I’m getting somewhere

Oh dude!!
You smashed it!!
This was so good that you could perform it live in my opinion.
Keep up the excellent work!

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Cheers man really means a lot :cowboy_hat_face:

Back when I was in my teens I listened to Nevermind every day. Or at least something Nirvana, was totally obsessed. And was actually just listening to Nevermind & MTV unplugged last week.

I reckon you nailed it. Real good performance. Total Cobain vibes.

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That was awesome Lewis, also a big fan of Nirvana and Something in the Way, an underrated song imo.
You captured the mood really well and played it really well. Thank you for sharing :+1:

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That’s great Lewis, you play and sing well and clearly you have been inspired by recent Batman movie (I grabbed my guitar in a second after seeing the movie) :grinning: only comment I have is perhaps it was a bit fast during verses, but hey you made it your own and it worked well :slight_smile: all the best.

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You make your two chords work Lewis and you’re sounding good.

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Well performed, Lewis, playing and singing. I also liked the post processing, unless you are running some fx to echo the vocal in the chorus. Sound quality was great.

You most certainly can make this video public.

Depending on your aspirations, perhaps think about camera angle, background to maybe avoid the bright window, and wrapping the mic cable round the stand so it doesn’t hang in front of the guitar. Nothing major and as I say depends on what your goals are for the channel and publishing.

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Hi Lewis,
That was good :sunglasses: :sunglasses:, and even if it’s not my music at all, I thought it was creepy good :sweat_smile: and certainly something you can make public,…a deep bow and (apparently) in the Netherlands we say Bis Bis Bis… .And…We want more :clap:

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That was really good Lewis and you should have no qualms about making it public.

Two chords never sounded so good and it had a great Nirvana vibe going on. :sunglasses:

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What I did was double track the vocals so recorded same thing twice and it creates a double that thickens it up. Think lots of songs do that in the studio

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Thanks, Lewis. Yup double-tracking is great, with just a little planning to split the doubles. Sounded great in this production.

Works well for guitar parts as well.

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One guitar, one singer, two chords. What’s not to like. Solid performance on this and a good cover. Ages since I heard the OT but this was a good listen. Well done.

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Hi Lewis,
Nice sound and I think you got the most out of the chords you used. Good job, ready for the limelight in the public. Though you may want to add more chords as you go!

All the best and take care,

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Hi Lewis,

Great song - looking forward to my Nevermind boxset turning up later this week.

Cracking tone on the guitar.
Cool vocal performance.

If i was to offer one nitpick it would be that you seem to speed the track up here and there.
Capture the mood really well though.


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cool job on the double vocal track and you captured the vibe very well.

agree, that’s my only real critique at this point as well

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I’m not aware of speeding up and slowing down whilst playing, listening back I can see there’s slight variances in tempo. I know there is in the original as wasn’t on a click but is my speeding up and slowing down really distracting and obvious? Feel like I have no sense of timing haha

Yeah there is some speeding up and slowing down but nothing alarming as there are no real showstoppers here :smiley:
Try to play along a random drumtrack now and then, it will give you a better feeling of playing with another musician and it might keep you from singing it the first time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t sing, I’m just pointing out that singing and playing has its own challenges :smiley: