Sometimes, the great ones are hidden

Dave Simpson. Some of you may have heard of him because he’s been on the Anderton’s YouTube channel a number of times…and that’s how I found him and his channel (and his GF, Cici as well). Wonderfully odd and quirky, yet an incredible guitar player doing small gigs in the UK. One of his latest videos pushed me over the edge in getting my acoustic Tak over the last weekend and thought I’d share; I particularly like the second tune in this video.


Yeah, Dave is a one off!
I don’t know of anyone as talented as he is who hasn’t made it in the music industry!
While listening to this bear it in mind that Dave very rarely plays an acoustic guitar! His usual poison is a Strat through an Orange 120W solid state amp which sounds unbelievably good!
A plug for CiCi, she is an amazing Bass player who also plays solo pieces!

Agreed, Dave’s awesome! I also first came across him via the Andertons videos. He’s got a great energy, slightly mad but completely passionate. A worthy plug :+1:

I hadn’t ever heard of them before!