Sometimes, ya just gotta post it cos its so cool

Coming from Manly, Australia, the great busker, Markus K.

Cheers, Shane


Amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fire:

Awesome, Manly is one of our fav spots in Sydney

Woah, that guy is incredible.

Thanks for sharing, Shane. What a great tone and sound on the recording plus high grade skills, performing a cool song, super sultry swampy groove. A fine Sunday morning lick-off!

What a cool way to start a Sunday morning, with some low down dirty Blues. Nice one Shane !

Cool start into the day :star_struck:

Thanks, Shane. Just the juice I needed to begin my Sunday ‘just play songs’ routine.

So ,this is where you curently listening to?

Cool,…sounds not like i ever heard or can be found here on “the streets” :sunglasses:

I wanna be like this guy when I grow up! :sunglasses:

That was very cool. Nice find Shane.