Song app not working on phone or ipad

Hi is anyone having trouble getting the app,it does not not to work for me on phone or I pad

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looks fine here

Working fine on my iPad. You need to be more specific about your model of iPad and phone, and which versions of the operating system they’re running. When you say does not work, again be more specific… does it load at all?

It’s a I phone 7 and I pad mini about 6 years old it just won’t open for me

Mine just came up, I have an android phone. But 2 days ago all it did was spin and spin. Came back yesterday. While mine was spinning it eventually had a link at the bottom saying I could email musopia buy clicking the link. I did that and they answered the next day during business hours, but of course, it was already working. One of the things they suggested was turning your phone to landscape to see if that helped. Kind of weird, but I’ll try it next time. (There is always a next time with any app!)

Works just fine on my iPhone 7

Hi Danny,

Has the app ever worked on either of your devices? Looking on the Apple App Store, they mention the app requires iOS 11.0 or later on both the phone and iPad. Are your devices running new enough versions of iOS? Other troubleshooting steps (apologies in advance if you’ve already done this) include restarting your device and trying again, and deleting and reinstalling the app.

Hope that helps!

Thanks to all for advice ,I have sorted it now,devices not updated thanks everyone danny