Song app question…

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I’ve been trying to get answers from Musopia feedback people and they haven’t been helpful AT ALL!

Anyway… several songs on the app, “Get the Party Started” & “All out of Love” just 2 out of many I’ve encountered, show strumming pattern to be D DU UD but the play along shows bars with chords on beat 3.

As a beginner it’s confusing and I’m not sure if the mistake is on their end or if I’m supposed to strum these particular bars differently?

I love the song app but some things on it seemed to have been rushed just to get it out. I’ve been told by Musopia things will be worked on but have yet to see that. :worried:

Thanks for any help and listening to my rant! :blush:

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You’re right I have experienced this as well. I posted something a little different but to no avail. I think the song looks weird because I’m wondering if it is 3/4 time, but they show it as 4/4. On All Out of Love, there is a definite up strum on what they have as beat 3.

My issue was on Feliz Navidad, where the line you’re supposed to play is the line that disappears. I don’t know who to tell.

Also beginner here…Extended question here on that, because I don’t see any strumming pattern suggestions on the songs in the app. Where did you see the strumming pattern you’re referring to?

I don’t know who to ask about this either but am starting to feel ignored after they get my $. It’s more aggravating knowing others have had the same issues with no help either! I know Justin was looking for new employees to work on this stuff so am hoping he’ll find some and they will get things sorted out and fixed.

Thanks for your reply sah22!

Heather- when you go to a song, on the top right hand corner of the page you’ll see a chord box ( kinda looks like a little checker board) click on that and it shows you the chords and strumming pattern to use. I hope that helps!

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Welcome @Cindi @sah22 @Heatherxx

There definitely are a few of these things that are confusing in the app and would benefit from more detailed explanation.

That is what this community should be for, too. I do hope Musitopia gets back to you, but it is a holiday week and they may need to ask others to get the answer.

I am not the most experienced, but in this particular case you simply switch cords on beat 3.
1, 2+, +, 4
D, DU, U, D
F, FF, G, G
So you can switch cord on the 3, which is a downstrum that is not strummed.

I hope that helps!

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CindiI….Ah, ok…I have seen the chord image there but never interacted with it. Hmm…I will explore that next practice :thinking:

Thank you :blush:

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Hello Cindi and welcome to the Community.

I’m sorry that you’re having confusion in using the App and difficulties getting help and support.

This is a good place to raise your question in terms of the Community. Note that I will edit your topic title as ‘Song app question…’ gives no clear indication to others of the issues you have nor what the topic is about.

I am not an App user so can not help in terms of the functionality - many others are and likely will help.

In terms of Muspoia - what contact method did you use? When did you contact them? Also, Musopia are App developers rather than a team of guitar instructors so you may not get satisfactory answers to questions such as ‘what strum pattern fits best’ etc.

Given that I do not have / use the App so can not look at those songs you mention, my general advice would be to approach them as you would many, many songs depending on your level and what rhythm patterns you know. Strum on the 1 only. Get the feel for the groove. Strum on the 1, 2, 3 & 4. If all is good and a different strum pattern is suggested then you should have the feel of the song and be able to adjust. Just remember, stay in time and if it sounds good it is good.

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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Musopia usually replies but isn’t helpful or say they’ll have it looked into but that’s about it. Why do they ask for feedback then? I asked if I could renew my subscription ahead of time to get the holiday discount but was told that was only for new students but I should be happy to know I can pay the new increased rate come my renewal date!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, I play other songs that show chord changes that land on beats that are strummed (ex: “Hold My Hand” Hootie & the Blowfish) so this is my confusion as to why are all songs are not written the same? It’s the inconsistencies throughout that can become frustrating as a semi newbie. I know they took longer to get the iOS version of the app out and it just seems some things were pushed through before it was completely polished up.

Thanks for your reply!
Have a good one!

Hi, Cindy. I am not sure what is different in this song. Only that the cord change is on the 3 but the 3 is not actually strummed. It is still a cord change on the 3.

There are definitely imperfections in the app and how a song is presented, but overall, these are learning opportunities and the app is an excellent and fun learning tool.

I find it’s value far exceeds the minor issues.

Hi Cindi.

I did ask which contact you used … there is a ‘feedback’ email address which is not necessarily for dealing with an individual’s issues but for collating the ‘big picture’ to look for issues across the board that will need addressing. There is also a customer service contact which is to deal with individual’s issues. Did you get a personalised reply from a person using customer service? Note, Musopia has only a few people working on this, it is not a big corporation.

That discount was for new subscribers only. If I recall correctly Justin put out a social media apology for a lack of clarity on that when it was first announced.

In terms of strumming, have you reached a point in the beginner course where you have learned other strummimg patterns? Patterns which miss beats and you do not strum on every beat?

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

Hi Richard,

I did get a personal reply from customer service who I’ve had other contact with and they did correct one song. I’ve also sent issues to the feedback contact since there are other small things that could be addressed. I only posted here since it appears others have had issues with song errors looking for help as well.

I am far enough into my guitar journey to be working on strumming patterns that include 16th notes. Currently working on “Hold My Hand” by Hootie & the Blowfish which the recommended pattern is:
1 +a2 + 3e+ 4 +.
I’m thankful I also play drums (30+ yrs) which has helped me tremendously with learning guitar! At 58 yrs old I need all the extra help I can get! :relaxed:

I understand why the discount is only for new students but found it funny they said I should be happy to know I can pay the new (higher) rate come time to re-up my subscription. I guess sometimes my sarcasm doesn’t come through online & I apologize for that.

Thanks for your help!
Happy New Year!

Hi Cindi …

That’s good :slight_smile:

That is more of a data-collecting service rather than a full-on customer support - reports go in and the developers collate to identify broad or urgent issues).

In that case don’t feel bound to the strum that shows in the app, use your rhythmic sense, your ears, your groove and a little freedom of expression. If it sounds good it is good.

I too have experienced great difficulty trying to follow the rythms and strumming using the app.
Some seem to be completely out of sync with the song as its playing, while others show a BPM that is completely unrealistic - a known slow ballad type song with a shown BPM of over 200.
I’ve tried and tried and tried again and have finally given up on the app and cancelled my payment.

@RedSchuhart out of interest what was the ballad type song with the BPM over 200?