Song App Vs Lesson App?

Can anyone give me a 101 on getting the song app vs the lesson app? costs? benefits? I am currently taking the lessons on Justin’s Web site. The biggest thing is I want to have a bigger selection of songs to choose from at an adjustable speed. Thank you so much - Tim

It’s the same app?

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  • Essential lessons and song play-along are in the app with a few other tools like tuner and one-minute-change practice log.
  • You can buy access by the month or year.
  • Costs should be available from the store appropriate for your device. Not sure why I don’t see them on the Justin page.
  • You cannot use the app on a laptop or desktop (well, no approved method and you’d need to be nerdy to set it up). * - looks like it works on newer Mac for the iOS version, but still technical for Android
  • Lesson videos are the same as you’d see on the Dashboard you can go to when logged in. However, the extra video and resources need to come from using the dashboard.
  • Song lessons are from the web site. Not the same list as the app for play-along, but certainly some overlap.
  • Adjusting speed for the songs in the web lessons would require you to do it yourself. There are free tools to do this with a bit of web searching. An alternative is to use the speed feature from a song on YouTube but the increments are more course than the app. Search the forums for ideas on tools to slow down songs.

Hope that is a good summary for you!

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unless you have an Mac computer , I use a Mac mini M1 and i have the app store so i use the app on my computer

can be done in the app

fixed the speed to clarify web lessons. thanks!

As said for apple it’s easy if you have an apple cpu computer

For Windows bluestack works OK but yeah a little technical, not too bad

Btw windows 11 latest build, in some countries has native Android support but it’s a bit of a mess still…

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