Song app works in andriod bluestacks 5 emulation mode but all songs locked even in free trial (Solution found)

I think this just might be an emulation issue and google is not willing to forward relevant account purchases or subscriptions, to an emulator, even though i am logged into the very account that subscribed to the content.

I got the first song to play all the way through and all songs were initially unlocked. Now all songs are locked behind the padlock symbol and will only play the first 15 seconds. Then i get the subscribe prompt. But i am subscribed on the free trial and have to wait now till the second of january to pay.

I tried canceling sub so i could attempt to pay for the app in hopes of getting the emulation to recognize the product, but the google management page still says trial till jan 2nd.

I should mention that the app does work in full on my phone. But the point of emulation was to get the content from the phone onto my computer screen.

What i will have to do i guess is wait till jan 2nd and pay for the sub once the free trial passes and see if it works then,

Failing that i will have to get google chromecast or some other device to get the content off of the phone and onto the PC screen.

I suppose i could just keep using the phone in the meantime but for me it is not ideal. I am at a stage in life where i should be wearing glasses now as my vision has been impaired for a few years.

I cant read the fine print on food stuffs in the supermarket. I cant read books anymore. It is all a blur. So i really need to get on the ball about getting some reading glasses now. It is only the up close in your face stuff and small print that i have trouble reading. So the content on the phone is not easy to read for me.

Come jan 2nd i will update this thread once i am actually a paid subscriber as opposed to being on the free trial. But i sill think it probably wont work and i will have to get googles’ chromecast in order for me to use the content in a way that stuits me.

This fixes it
You have to clear the google cache inside bluestacks. I just tested by starting the app over a few times and on each restart the ability to play the subs via subscription was open.