Song Book and Beginners Course

I have the Beginners Songbook but it doesn’t follow the on-line Beginners Course . Have I got the right site.


The BSB and BSB 2 were written to supplement to old Beginner’s Course. That was completely rewritten about 4 years ago. However the old course is still accessible on the website

So if you want to stay aligned with the songbooks, the old course is still around.

However, the updated course includes much more material and some updated teaching methods - different fingering of chords for example - and therefore would be a better path to take. And it will link in with the Intermediate and Advance lessons that follow, in Justin’s Grade system.

I did the old BC and IM some years back but went back to do the new Grades 1, 2 and 3 recently and it was well worth the effort, as there is material I wished I had known back in the day when first starting.

Hope that helps.



Many thanks, that clarifies things.

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You will eventually notice that it is easy to use the songbook with the new course. It follows almost the same logic with the chords you learn. A, then A,D,E etc… :slightly_smiling_face: