Song confusion

Hello everyone.
Im struggling to play Eric Claptons “Motherless Child” Its in open g & capo at 4 and he uses a 12 string. Im trying to find out what chords he uses but I have a 6 string. I tuned to open g & it doesnt sound too good. Ive tried capo at 4 & capo at 2 but im totally lost. I went back to regular tuning. It only has a few chords. Confused & frustrating trying this song. For some reason this song grabbed me & the the guy who wrote it was “Barbecue Bob” in 1927. My names Bob & I love bbq :laughing:
Im hooked & determined to complete this song. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im new and moving the capo has got me confused as it changes what chords are used. Thanks & have a great day​:+1::guitar:

The chords are B E and F#7. Don’t strum all the strings concentrate on the A to e and D to e.
It’s a simple 16th note strumming pattern the embellishment on the B chord is hammer on Fret 2 D string and first fret B string.
Start with a slow strumming pattern until you get the rhythm right.

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Thank you for this Stitch. Could you tell me if these chords are used with a capo? Ive watched his videos & there’s a few variations. I tried capo at the 2nd fret in standard tuning. Ive been going back & forth between 2nd & 4th fret with the capo. Sounds nice with capo on the 4th fret in standard tuning. Didnt sound good when i tried it in open G Thanks again✌️

Capo 4 open G tuning if yiu want to play along with the video

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