Song copyright

I want to upload clips of me playing to tik tok and youtube but in struggling to understand copyright law. What are the do’s and donts for recording myself playing alongside other recordings. For example backing tracks or the original recording if i cant find a backing track. My intention is to record myself playing guitar on top of it and share it to show progress. And if it is a backing track do i need to get permission from the creator if the track was taken from youtube

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Backing tracks tend to be fine, made for just that purpose I guess unless specified on the site you got it.

The other bits not sure, like original music. possibly a no no

Other will be able to answer better ok.


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The service you upload to will do it’s own check and tell you if there’s a copyright claim. Most likely you’ll get one and the license will still allow you to upload. Maybe with ads that go to the license holder. I have had some occasions where I hit a copyright and they just didn’t allow me to upload but that’s really rare.


Do you use exclusively backing tracks or have you recorded and uploaded over the original track before?

I always use backing tracks sans guitar, buuut some of the tracks I use have the original vocals and other instruments from the original track.


YouTube will let you upload it and won’t hide it. It will flag it as a copyright violation and it will not let you put any type of links or ads to monetize (i.e. make money) the video. But the video will be on your channel and you can share it with others.