Song for Richard from The Burning Hell

Some of you will have witnessed my friends Chris & Eithne, my wife, my mother and me butchering this song at last night’s Testimonial open mic for Richard :laughing:
No apologies though, as we enjoyed both practice and performing.

What I didn’t mention at the time was that I had asked Mathias and Ariel if they would record a personalised version of the song for Richard, from all of us in the Community.
They graciously agreed, even though they are frightfully busy and now on tour.

The song is called I don’ t mind failing in this world and is from their Never Work album.
It was written by Malvina Reynolds back in the 60s.

All the usual thanks to everyone involved in anything :wink:


Awesome Brian, I will check out their music!


You are a legend, Brian, simples … who else could pull this move off!

A special production!


You are a top bloke Brian, the whole idea of OM was way out of this world and this special performance is really heart warming, top man! :heart:


Wonderful, great thinking here - it is a message from all of us who know him so well!


Brian sent me a message last night along with this video.
I got tearful.
I shared it with Mrs C.
I got tearful again.
I played it this morning.
I got tearful again.
I visited my mother today and played it for her.
I got tearful again.
I’m choking up a little just writing this, overcome at the emotion of knowing how much love and affection and respect motivated the open mic, the arranging of this unique gift and the quite outrageously generous fundraising.
I am grateful beyond words - though I will try to write some to you all soon.
Thank you.
:hugs: :heart:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :gift_heart:

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What a great song and story. I have to say that their vocals and harmonies are really captivating. You can’t really beat the performance of you and the band featuring mom though, Brian, that was priceless. Very glad that Krista and I were part of this amazing event.

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Magnificent… :sunglasses: :heartbeat:


It was also great to see and hear certain “special” words coming out of some mouths :joy:
Greetings, :v:

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Jeezus Brian I just blubbered in my morning coffee.

Your are star for pulling this off :sparkles: :dizzy: :star: :star2: :star_struck:
And your are soft old bugger bit like a tortoise !
Please pass on my thanks to the BH for going out of the way to do the recording. That is so sweet ! Now I’m going all mushy.

BTW Your Mum stole the show IMHO.


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Like this @tRONd :rofl:

Ahhhh, Brian, you’re one smooth, silver tongued dude. Kudos to you for doing this.

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