Song for the Asking - Simon and Garfunkel

Lovely little song sung by Paul Simon at the end of the Bridge Over Troubled Water album. So wistful and melancholic. The idiosyncratic guitar part took quite a lot of work. Hope it sounds okay.


Hi Claudia,

that was another great share of yours, what a beautiful rendition and delightful listen. :slight_smile:

You played and sung with so much feeling, the mood was swapping over immediately. It’s a joy to see and hear you playing fingerstyle and switching between pick-strummed accompanying and picking out a melody line and sing on top. Good stuff! :smiley:

Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks so much Lisa

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Beautifully played and sung Claudia. Loved your fingerstyle and the little note runs in the song. It’s clear to see the work you’ve put into it. I’d forgotten about that song, haven’t heard it for years. Super stuff, well done.

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Oh wow, Claudia this was really impressive finger work :astonished:. So well done :+1::clap:. I don’t know the original version, but your rendition was super enjoyable. And your mellow voice suits perfectly. All in all, lots to love :heart_eyes:.

That’s a truly complex piece Claudia and you made that look really effortless, which I am 100% sure it was not!

Impressive, beautiful and soulful. Thank you for sharing with us :heart: