Song issues

On the song app I have noticed that on several songs it will have a strum pattern of old faithful. Then in the song it will have a chord change on 3? Well how is that since the strumming pattern we are using doesn’t get a strum on 3? Also Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here says to play and A chord in the app but the app plays the wrong sound. It’s about halfway through this mistake occurs. I wish you could fix it​:joy::joy:. It sounds awful when your playing along.


Hi @mrpickles, this question has been discussed before, e.g.

In short: the song versions in the app are often simplified to suit beginners, and the strumming patterns are only suggestions, based on the knowledge of strumming patterns of beginners. Hence, old faithful is often suggested. In the case you describe you have essentially 2 options:

  1. change on the missing down on 3, so effectively strum the 1st chord on D_DU, and the 2nd on _UD.
  2. use a different strumming pattern, either for the whole song or just for the measure with the 2 chords - just go with the flow.

And yes, every now and then there is a mistake in the app. If you notice one, tag the app developers @MusopiaApps so they can fix it.

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Ok cool thanks