Song selection in the real book

Hey everyone
Ijust got my real book, because I ant to get into Jazz. However I realised I know bery little of the songs in there. I thought there would be more Armstrong, Sinatra and stuff in it that are well known to everyone…
Anyone else felt this way?

The original real book had the songs that were played most in jazz circles in Boston in the early 1970s. I was learning jazz piano for a while and I would find a tune that looked easy and then listen to versions of it on youtube to learn it.

If you want a really good alternative to a real book then get the iReal Pro app. It is best used on a tablet. It will show you the chords for a tune and you can set it to play at any tempo in any key, even with some backing instruments if you want. You can download whole sets of songs online - a lot of the jazz standards but also pop, Beatles, etc. There is a forum where people submit songs or playlists for download.