Song Structure & Dynamics Relation

We’ll learn how songs are structured and how that connects with strumming dynamics! Lesson here.

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Hi there … Enjoying the new course
What is that song ( or what is it like) within song structure and dynamics relation

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Just made it up - but it’ starts a bit like September Ends, though it wasn’t intentional…

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Enjoying the course and learning quite a bit already. What are the intro chords to the song Justin improvised? I’ve tried working the into out but something doesn’t sound quite right, thanks

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Jade … Hello welcome to the Community.

I have put together a quickly transcribed version … not 100% but it gives enough of a taste to aim in the right direction.

Audio here:


I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard | JustinGuitar Approved Teacher, Official Guide & Moderator


Thank you Richard, this is so helpful and really kind of you to put together. Really appreciate it :+1:

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