Song with bass and vocals

Hello folks,

I’ve just recorded a spanish punk-rock band’s cover trying to make it a bit different and with the aim of adding a bass for which I used my little keyboard Yamaha PSS-A50.

I also decided to “sing” the song (sorry about that) but again, not trying to mimic the original, which would’ve been impossible anyway as they have great backing vocals and I don’t.

Solos: min. 1:24 and 3:01.

Hope you like the music and tolerate my messy vocals :slight_smile:

Here’s the video:

Drum backing track: 120 BPM - ROCK - 4/4 Drum Track - Metronome - Drum Beat - YouTube

Advice is welcome as usual.



Nice job. Solos sound great, timing and note precision sounds perfect.

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Great punk song. Right vibe. Right lyrics. I liked it!

I think your playing sounded really good. For this particular song, it struck me as almost too nice, though. I’d “dirty” up the solos and make them sound more pissed off. Not so much the guitar tone – I really liked that thick tone you had on the guitar – more like the energy in it.

Also, I think your voice works well for this style. Much like the guitar solos, though, I was wanting to hear you get a little more punk and “raw” with the vocal. “Overdoing it” can work really well for punk. Don’t be afraid to ham it up on the vocal. Some snarling attitude will go well with these lyrics.

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Thanks for your advice mate.

I go along with you that I should try to be a bit more raw or “provocative” when singing. The lyrics are quite explicit and sometimes we forget about the sound itself.

In this case, as the song talks about how many people are left aside as our “leaders” talk bullsh** and we say amen, my attitude was like “we’re f***ed up” rather than “we’ll never surrender” xD

I think it has a lot to do with me being not used to make too much noise at home. First world problems… hahaha


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Yeah, I got a chuckle out of them. :slight_smile:

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Hey Jose that was great well done! Some nice playing and cool solos going on there. Not sure about the punk though, perhaps up the speed by a bit and as Jason suggest more energy into your playing? As a compliment I can say it more reminded me of ZZ Top kind of genre :wink: all the best

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Good job, this does have a punk type vibe to it. Good play and I would just offer your vox up as is. Nothing wrong with it and you are shooting down your good effort there. The way to try and improve is just like guitar. Do more of it and work at it.

Keep on rock’n and have a great new year!

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Hi Adi, thanks for your feedback!

The original is like a mid tempo punk song but I thought that the chord progression could be an 8 bar blues with its roundabout and all that, so I tried to give it that up strum vibe that you identify with that ZZ Top kind of genre.

The punk atmosphere isn’t that clear, indeed.

Thanks for your advice, super helpful. Cheers!

Yes, that’s the attitude! Have a great new year you too, see you around :guitar:

Very enjoyable Jose but like others have said, a little more attitude in the playing would give it a more of a, slap you in your face feel. Nice work on the solos as well.

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