Song With No Name - revisited

I didn’t realize just how long I have been absent from the forum until a few days ago. I finally wrapped up grade 2 and am consolidating before I move on. Over the year I have noodled with my original work - A Song With No Name - and added some finger style intro and outro as well a few other small changes. Here’s my latest version of it. It’s not the best rendition of it that I have done and I had to hush the dog in the beginning, but other than that I think it works.


Good to hear from you again, Joe. I hope you are keeping well.

Enjoyed the song.

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Nice fingerpicking at the beginning Joe and I enjoyed the vibe that the rest of the song had going on. Guitar sounds nice.

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I too enjoyed the finger picking quite a lot. You have an unusual style: you don’t use your thumb at all. Usually, the thumb is used for the bass note (in this case the D string) and fingers 1, 2 and 3 are used on the G, B and high-E strings (or sometimes fingers 1 and 2 take care of all 3 treble strings).

You may find the “standard” technique preferable if you continue with fingerstyle playing. If you ever need to play the bass notes on the A or low-E strings, you’ll find it easier with the thumb than with the index finger, I think. Also, it’s hard to imagine playing any kind of alternating bass pattern with the index finger (though, I suppose it could be done).

In any case, kudos for the very nice playing.

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Nice song Joe and nicely played .

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@DavidP Thanks David, we’re doing well. I hope you are too. Similar to what you mentioned a year ago or so, I began bouncing around a bit and not really focusing on the lesson progression. I’ve recently gotten back into the lesson progression and am finally consolidating. :+1:t2:

@SgtColon Thanks Stefan, I appreciate it. I’m glad I thought about the finger picking part. I think it is what the piece needed.

@jjw1 Thanks John, and a keen eye on your observation. Believe it or not, my strange finger picking style is intentional. I dabbled with a few different patterns once I got into finger style - standard with no pinky anchor, standard with pinky anchor and this four finger/thumb approach. I did some investigating to see if anybody else uses four fingers and, while very rare, did find a few that use four fingers. I use the thumb for bass on E and A then usually use my index finger for bass on D. I found this keeps each finger right at the string that needs to be picked. I’m sure I’ll play around with styles as I progress into more complicated finger style. I tried recording Happy Birthday last night where I use my thumb on E and A but was not happy with the results. I’m going to continue working on that as part of my consolidation and post it up.

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie, I appreciate it.


That is a really nice song Joe, and I do like the fingerstyle for the intro and outro. I have used my little finger on a couple of songs, mostly because it was in a convenient location at the time.

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Bravo. Love the voicings and changes. Very sweet.

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@TheCluelessLuthier Thanks Mark. I’m happy to hear somebody besides me uses the pinky for finger style. Hey, I couldn’t help but notice your “C” ball cap in one of your videos. Are by any chance in the Cincinnati area?

@Blobbyblob Thanks Dom, I appreciate it.

No, we are originally from Kalamazoo, MI, but we moved to central Florida about 2 1/2 years ago. The hat actually belongs to my wife Jen, since I don’t own any. :wink:

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