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Hi all,

First time posting. Recently started Justins lessons and have just finished grade 1 module 7. For one of my consolidation songs I’ve chosen Song Bird by Oasis, however am having difficulty with the linking chord. Can anyone tell me how you would strum this chord? Or where abouts in the strum pattern you would make the change. Thanks in advance.

Hi Samuel. Welcome to the Community.
Can you please be specific … which chord(s) and in which section of the song?

Hi @Richard_close2u

Thanks for the welcome. Its a 3 chord progression. G to a linking chord. Justin calls this chord an f sharp base? And then onto Em7.

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The link is played on beats 3 and 4 of the link bar. So you’d play G for three full bars, then for beats 1 + 2 of the fourth bar, followed by the link for beats 3 + 4. Then Em7 for three full bars, then for beats 1 + 2 of the fourth bar, followed by the link for beats 3 + 4.

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Hi @Goffik

Thanks for your help. It’s much appreciated. One last thing are the 2 beats of the linking chord two down strums or down and up?

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To me it sounds like Justin is playing two down strums for the link most of the time. I tried both down strums and sticking with the pattern used everywhere else, and thought the down strums sounded better.

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Hi @Goffik,

Thanks for your help, it’s very much appreciated.


Agreed with @Goffik here, I’ve learned this song too in fact was one of my first AVOYPs I think!! 2 downstrums :+1:

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This should help you to see it.

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@Notter @Richard_close2u

Thank you guys. This little diagram is extremely helpful, thanks. Onwards and upwards :grinning:

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Sorry if that’s not the right place to ask. I’m using the song and lessons app and watching videos on the website as well as it’s nice to see Justin playing, much easier to understand.
I’m in beginners course grade 1 and I’m looking forward to play Songbird.
However, the App shows me 3 cords for this song: Em, G and D.
On the other hand, Justin’s video shows Em7 and G. There is no D on his video.
What I am missing, is this 2 different ways to play the song or the App is showing the wrong cords?
Which version is the “correct” or recommended one?
Since it’s my first time learning I would like to focus on just one method if both versions are valid. Any advice?
If you can help me with some insight on that it will be very helpful. Thanks!