Songbook apps ipad

Don’t know if this is the correct forum but it does say software

I’m trying to find an iPad app that will import chordpro, allow me to edit, and then work with my pedal so I can scroll and play. I’m looking at SongbookPro and Songbook Chordpro. Does anyone have any recommendations on one over the other? Unfortunately, Songbook Chordpro has no demo version but the developer has been very responsive to my questions. SongbookPro has a demo but I can’t get any answers to my questions from the developer or from the facebook forum.
Any advice appreciated!


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Tuxguitar might do it, not sure though I haven’t used it for a few years.

There was some discussion of these apps on this topic

I used SongbookPro for while. The free version works pretty well for simple songs, but I have my own my own enhanced notation for lead sheets, and was unable to make that work, so I went back to Apple Pages.

IME, trying to create lead sheets on a touch screen keyboard is extremely tedious and error prone. I bought a mouse and keyboard for my iPad, and found that made things a lot easier.