Songbook Pro - individual notes

I am using Songbook pro on my tablet as my songbook. Entering lyrics with the chords is fine. However, I cannot find how to enter individual notes. As an example I want to step down between two chords. Is there a way of notating this in songbook pro? The only way I could think of doing ti is by making it pseudo chord such as [C] [c b a] [G] where the notes c, b and a are the step down notes between the chords. Is there a better way?

Tony just edit the song and add the tab by hand. It is really easy.
As an example, I manually added the whole of the Intro solo to my song entry for White Rabbit.
The original file I imported just had a chord version of the intro. It may not be 100% accurate as it has not been broken down into bars or note length but it shows me what I need to play, when I can’t remember it instantly. Simples

I’ve added countless fills to songs in this manner.



Thank you Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner . That looks like a good solution.

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