Songbook type App for Kindle Fire (help)

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I bought a 10" Kindle Fire hoping to be able to use it to archive and auto-scroll through saved songs to replace the paper and music stand method I am currently using. So far I have purchased 2 apps, Ultimate Guitar and SongBook Pro and also tried a few free apps in order to get this to work. Each doesn’t seem to work for various reasons. SongBook Pro is not letting me change the font size and change the text such that I can reasonably view it from a few feet away and Ultimate-Guitar displays a message saying “Something Went Wrong” when I hit the play button.
I’m going broke on apps. I think the problem is just that these apps do not work to their full power on the Kindle.

Anybody have any success with this? Should I just return it and pay for an IPad? Where this is really the only reason I bought this device I bought the Kindle for $75 versus 4-6 times as much for an IPad.

Open to any suggestions. I really want to get away from the paper and music stand. Not very transportable.

What do others do? Thanks for any and all advice.

Kindle don’t play well with others. It was designed as an E-read for books. Your best bet is to send the kindle back and buy a tablet that runs Android as it’s OS. They’re half the price of an ipad and will run both SongBook Pro and Ultimate Guitar or any other app on Google play. I have an old Samsung tablet and use SongBook by Linksoft but if you have already purchased SongBook Pro it will work just as well.
Check to see if you bought the Android version or Apple version of both Apps. That will tell you if you need an Android or Apple tablet.

Rick is right, in that the Kindle doesn’t play well with others.

I actually just got a new Kindle Fire myself, for similar reasons, and have owned a few in the past. I’ve owned earlier Kindles that were just a plain, black-and-white e-reader. The modern, Kindle Fire is an android tablet, basically, it’s just that Amazon has locked it in with their own restrictions. They are trying to keep a closed ecosystem of sorts, I suppose. There are ways around it, though. That’s my plan, to actually “jailbreak” this new Kindle so I can run apps not normally allowed by Amazon. That may be more work than some want to do, especially when you can get other tablets out there that will do what you want right out of the box.

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I have purchased an old used Galaxy tab S3 from eBay for about $100. It is not the most up to date Android tab, but the price to power ratio is good and it runs well with Songbook pro, Guitar pro and most other apps.

Thanks for replies folks.

Question about the text formatting if I were to get an Android. For Ultimate-Guitar and Songbook can the text be well manipulated to suit one’s needs? I’d like to be able to read a song, while auto-scrolling without wearing cheaters. So bolding the chords perhaps in the tab as well as using a large enough font size to suit my needs. I figure if I play with the scrolling speed and the text I can get a suitable combination to get it to work for me. Hopefully.

Thanks again.

There are 2 different Apps one is called SongBook and the other is SongBook Pro and they are from different developers but I think they work the same. I have SongBook, and it will read TXT files, PDF files and ChordPro files. You can edit, scroll, change Key and manipulate font size on ChordPro files and some PDF files. It will read and edit Ultimate guitar Tabs and I think it will also convert Tabs to ChordPro.
Here is a link to what ChordPro files are. It’s a very easy format to learn to write your own song sheets with. SongBook works best with this format

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Much appreciated