Songs for Module 11

Discover 9 songs for easy fingerstyle & sus chords. I hope these inspire your next song guitar practice. :)

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For fingerstyle I’m with you by Vance Joy is excellent

I would definitely suggest “Everybody’s Gotta Live” by Love for this one. Has an Asus4 over and over again in there and you can practice your big boy F Chord a few times! Really enjoyable song to play too, I just rocked out to it a few times and I’m really enjoying it

The Beatles “You’ve Go to Hide Your Love Away”. Uses Dsus2 and Dsus4. It is in Justin’s song app too!

Kansas - dust in the wind. Not sure if it’s 6/8 tough but it’s a lot of fun to play!

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Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead is a great fingerstyle song! It’s pretty tricky but I managed to learn it way sooner in the course.

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Not sure if Justin reads these but I’d like to see a remake of his lesson on GnR’s “Patience” added to this lesson on Sus chords. I tried that song on the “Stuck 3 and 4” lesson and couldn’t get it. After the lesson on Sus chords it started to make more sense. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

@DaveB729 I can’t see Justin remaking a lesson whose content is still pretty good. He has one thousand and one priorities and an ever expanding song request board to address. It’s great that you’re ready to revisit a lesson with new skills. go for it and enjoy. :slight_smile:
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One of the songs on this module’s practice list in the app is “This Year’s Love”. It appear to require a capo at 1? I didn’t see any hints of this i the app - have I missed a clue, or has this been put in there as an exercise. It had me puzzled for a bit, everything sounded slightly off and I couldn’t understand why. Then I guessed as capo 1 at a hunch, and that seemed to work better.

I’m struggling with this lesson, in part because the sus chords and the finger style techniques seem like really divergent things to learn together. Seems like this was made worse by songs being removed from the app too - I’d started on Everybody Hurts and it is gone now and a couple of the examples for sus chords seem to have been removed too (I swear “All I Want Is You” was there). Appreciate the suggestions in this thread for a couple other songs to consider.

Behind Blue Eyes (which was on the App last time I looked)…

Dsus4, Esus4, Gsus4

Justin has a full lesson on this song as well.

I’m wondering what the picking pattern is if the chord changes in the middle of a phrase! I’m practicing Everybody Hurts and it’s easy to do T 12321 T 12321 for one chord for a full phrase then switch for the next chord and do the same but some phrases have one chord for the first three beats then a different chord for the next three beats so then what do I do with the picking pattern? Hope this makes sense.


Welcome to the community Meghann. Where the bar is spit between two chords you could do T, 1, 2, T, 1, 2. Have you checked out Justin’s song lesson which would be specific to the song your learning Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. |

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When you say “check out these songs” are there resources available to help figure out each song? Maybe tabs or something like that? I have your app but it doesn’t help with finger picking and riffs.

Hello Peter, welcome to the forum. If you go to the learn more page for the lesson (link at top of this thread). The recommended songs are listed there and if you click on the song title it should take you to the video lesson for the song. You can also find other song video lessons here

Bit disappointed not to see ‘Romeo & Juliet’ included as a beginners’ fingerstyle song… :rofl:

I’ll second “Dust in the Wind” for having both an unusual picking pattern (but not crazy hard once you get used to it), having plenty of sus chords, and being a lot of fun to play!

Mama Said by Metallica has D-Minor sus chords in it and it is really fun to play :slight_smile:

Im working on finger-picking December by Collective Soul. It’s got a cool little pattern and uses the stuck 3 and 4 chords so its a good excercise.

“Brilliant Disguise” by Springsteen is pretty easy and uses an A, Asus2, Asus4 riff.
Good for some practice and maybe an open mic?

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