Songs For Module 6

Songs you can play to practice the techniques and chords we've learned so far.

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Have you ever played any kpop? I’m a big EXO fan and I’ve just picked up guitar again after quitting due to multiple bad experiences with teachers and other students at school. I’d love to see you try some kpop!

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I’ve never tried. But from my personally feeling, the best fit would be electric guitar played with funky groove.

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I have noticed that some songs mentioned in the modules as good practice songs are not available in the Justin Guitar App to practice with.

For example in module 6 “This Year’s Love - David Gray” is the song mentioned to practice 6:8 pattern but it is not in the app. Am I doing something wrong here? Any way to find the song?

If not then what will be a good alternative to practice 6:8 pattern with the chord known so far?

@itsthistime Rohit, I have never used the app but assume that the song is no longer available in the App, as per the licensing issues that are discussed elsewhere. I love this song and learned it from Justin’s song lesson This Year's Love by David Gray | Perhaps try learning the song using it. You can also slow the playback speed down to play along with Justin when he plays the song at the start of the lesson.

What do you think about trying to learn In The Aeroplane Over The Sea? I feel like it ticks many of the boxes for this module: it’s in 6/8, it has a specific strumming pattern (only missing up strums 1 - 2 and 4 - 5), it has 4 chords we have learned so far and it has a nice groove where you can practice a pretty tricky (at least for me) chord change like C to D

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Welcome to the forum Frederico
Hadn’t hear the song before so I looked it up on Youtube. It’s got a nice upbeat tempo and it does check off a lot of the boxes. I think it would be a good song to learn. It’s one of those song that can grow with you as you get better. Start with an easy version and work your way up to full tempo.

Hey Justin, consider adding Nutshell by Alice in Chain to the list of the songs. :slight_smile: I think the chords are Cadd9, Em7, G, D.

Back to learning after injury. So pleased to see Fade Into You by Mazzy Star has been added to Justin’s app

I am yet to play a song. :sob:

Hi Javokhir, first of all, welcome to the community. Maybe you would like to introduce yourself Introduce yourself ... - JustinGuitar Community
If playing a song all the way through is a problem for you, I can highly recommend Justins Song App to get started. You’ll train the speed of your chord changes, your timing and rhythm. It’s agreat way to get started with fluent playing.
Apart of that, you can choose an easy song, split it up into pieces, try to play the chord progressions, put it together and then add a strumming pattern step by step. Don’t give up, I’m sure you’ll make it! If you have problems, just ask folk around here!

As I write this comment (2023 Jan 2) This Year’s Love is part of the Justin Guitar App. I’m not sure when it was added.

The App does not mention using a capo, but I’m pretty sure you need to use a capo on the first fret, just like Justin does in his video version. When I didn’t use a capo it sounded unbelievable bad. With a capo I still sound bad, but now it seems fixable.

Hi! Another good song recommendation is Satellite moments by Charlie Fink & Luke Treadeway. It’s just G D Em C through the whole song and basic DDUUDU strumming pattern all along. Very catchy song, good to play at camp fires!

You know what’s funny…I never had a problem with the full G cord. I had problems with many more!!! lol

Same…I can barely get through 1 song per module and even then it’s at 1/2 to 2/3 tempo at best. If song practice is 10 minutes at 4x per week I’d never get there. I do songs for about 20 minutes almost every day and I still struggle. Now the songs have chord changes mid-measure which makes them even more difficult. Oh well…picking melodic lines seems more interesting and fun to me anyway so I get a lot more satisfaction practicing his “riffs” each module than the strumming through songs.

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“Good Man” by Brand New uses only G, C, D, Am, and Em and would be playable by this point too. Lots of chord changes but not a ton of strumming, fun practice song.

I’ve been practicing with “In God’s Country” by U2. The chords are D, Am, Em, G, and C, all chords we’ve already learned. The tempo is fast, but I’ve found a strumming pattern that works for me, and pushes me to improve!


Here is the difference between Justin Guitar and every other Guitar learning site that I’ve tried over the last two years.

Justin’s site is comprehensive and integrated.

In Grade 1 we have learned notes, most of the commonly used open chords, strumming technique - and how to integrate all of these.
In addition we are immediately introduced to a wide selection of songs for which justin provides tutorials - and here’s the cincher, the songs are presented in a manner that a beginner armed with only open chords and basic strumming patterns can comprehend.
Let me give an example. I love Hendrix. In the mid-60s I had most of Hendrix’s vinyls next to my bed along with other classics.
I remember checking out Hey Joe tutorials, specifically one by Ayla Tesler-Mabe. By the end of it I put my guitar in it’s rack and went to watch a movie, and essentially stopped playing. That’s so far out of reach I’ll never get there. It completely and utterly demotivated me.

Now? Hey Joe is in my practice routine here on Justin Guitar. Why? Playing it is perfectly attainable by following Justin’s lessons. Will I ever sound like Hendrix or Ayla Tesler-Mabe? Probably never, not at my age. Will my rendition of Hey Joe get better over time. I have no doubts it will. But I’ll never shred like Hendrix or Wunderkinder Tesler-Mabe.

But as Justin points out - with just what has been presented in Grade 1, there are literally over a 1000 songs that we can play. And many of those are readily available on Justin’s website as well as among the current 1427 songs on the Lesson’s and Songs app! So again - Justin Guitar rocks! :100: :guitar:

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What are some other songs 6/8 to practice besides the This Years Love on the app?

I personally love Paramore’s “The Only Exception”.
There is a F chord in the outro, but you could use a “F Chord Cheat” if you like. Besides that the chords should be good for beginners.