Songs For Module 9

Check out these easy songs to practice the F chord - The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, RCHP, and much more!

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So very few songs by female artists till this point in the course. Wish there were more. Several more.

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Hello @Schweta and welcome to the community.
Justin devoted several months last year to only producing song lessons by female artists to try to redress the imbalance. For sure, more would be good.
Maybe you could request some here.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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“Love her madly” by The Doors is a great song for this module. There’s palm muting in the main riff, F chord (mini F also sounds great), open chords.

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How about “I’m Into Something Good” by Herman’s Hermits? Not too complicated, but it does use D7 and C7.

Hi !
I’ve learnt it and I think “space oddity” By Bowie is a perfect song as it uses several “versions” of the F chord. Quite a complicated song however but such a great one

great choice, thanks, this is my next song !

For anyone (like me) having a hard time with the F chord in this module: if you’re practicing with Justin’s app, then pick the song “Loving Her was Easier” by Kris Kristofferson. It’s basically F and C all the way through (with an occasional G), with an easy strumming pattern at a VERY leisurely 80 bpm; it almost feels like you’re practicing “perfect fast changes” with a back track.


Thanks for this tip, Claudio. I’ll check it out :grinning:.

After I learned the F chord, I realized that I could play almost every song by now in the simplified version. However, by looking at the songs, I found out I needed to play the barre G chord instead of the normal one to be able to change to the barre F chord fast enough to get the song right. It took me almost 2 weeks to get the Barre F chord right. The mini F chord was so hard for me though. Just something about the finger placement in that chord bugs me.

Another good song for this lesson is “Arc of Space” by Bruce Dickinson. It’s got a nice variety of chords, including of course the F, and a simple gallop strumming pattern and it isn’t that fast. Plus, it’s a really good tune.

I’m going with “Californication” and U2 “One” for this module. I just love both of those songs. The U2 song is actually more approachable than I thought it would be. “Californication” is a lot faster pace than I can play at this point. I also really struggle still with that Dm chord so I think this will be good to practice both an Fmaj7/C which is one of the focuses of the module but also work on the Dm. The lyrics and singing for both of these songs are incredible also. The singing along is a ways out at this point for me though :sweat_smile:

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“Take Me Home Country Roads” is a great singalong, and it only uses F in the bridge of the song. If you want to match the recording, you’ll need a capo on the 2nd fret.

“Jumper” by Third Eye Blind is also a great tune and uses F/C. A little complicated with the strumming pattern :grimacing:

I Think I am out ahead of the lessons. I’m lucky enough to have friends and community to push my journey. That said i am filling in the gaps/broadening the base and it is so, so useful. Just starting learning/using the practice assistant. Customize for my own routine. It is really helping.

Anyway, here are the F chord songs I practiced:
Hallucinogenics - Matt Maeson; Lovesong - Cure; Hard Times - Gillian Welch; Pancho and Lefty, White Freightliner Blues - Townes VanZandt; Dead Flowers the TVZ way (in C); In his arms - Lambert/Ingram, open C, no capo; Don’t Come Easy - Patti Griffin; One - U2

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@DavidP I’m not sure of the best way to report it, but I think that the link to the song lesson for The Scientist in the Module 9 song list should be pointing to the “Easy” Grade 3 song lesson, instead of the Grade 4 altered tuning song lesson. The altered tuning version of the lesson could still be have a link in the song description.

I picked Let it Be for Module 9 though it wasn’t in the list. It’s a good song to practice both F and F major 7. And I love the Beatles!!