Songs For Module 9

Check out these easy songs to practice the F chord - The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, RCHP, and much more!

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So very few songs by female artists till this point in the course. Wish there were more. Several more.

Hello @Schweta and welcome to the community.
Justin devoted several months last year to only producing song lessons by female artists to try to redress the imbalance. For sure, more would be good.
Maybe you could request some here.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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“Love her madly” by The Doors is a great song for this module. There’s palm muting in the main riff, F chord (mini F also sounds great), open chords.

How about “I’m Into Something Good” by Herman’s Hermits? Not too complicated, but it does use D7 and C7.