Songs in app vs YouTube channel

Hi, I am a newbie here practicing songs grade 1 - heart of gold and wish you were here.
The songs in the song app seem easier with just the cords and no real difference in strumming patterns vs the videos also introduce intro, single note picking, different strumming patterns, hammering of strings etc. (some of these methods have not been discussed in lesson in grade 1 - or I missed them)

As a beginner which way should I go with - the videos add quite a bit of complexity which I don’t think I am ready for yet. :thinking:

Thanks for your help

The app is a great place to start. It is simplified and play along Karaoke style. This is very helpful for learning to keep time, change cords, coordination of both hands and most of all to have a lot of fun practicing basic skills.

What it is less good at is actually learning songs to play without using the app.

The videos take it to the next level, with technical options and more intimacy with the song. They help you learn early to more advanced songs and to really learn how to play the song on your own.

I started with the app, than added some video song lessons slowly. Over time I use the app less, but it is still useful to practice the basics in an entertaining way.

Don’t forget all the songs are on the website with comprehensive notes and additional material that you will not get on YouTube. The App only covers Grades 1 and 2 so you will have to migrate to the website in due course. And also available where copyright allows are the official tabs for each song. The tabs are subscription only but great value for money when you consider virtually all the lessons on the website are free.

Try this :sunglasses:

Hi Martin, for where you’re at the app is the way to go to play along with. The song lessons on the website are more in depth and cover different elements of the song so they’re not really there as a play-along tool.
The complexity in Wish You Were Here for example you’ll actually cover a little further in the course anyway at which point revisiting the lesson will make more sense.

Thanks… I was just a little confused when playing the app songs and then watched ‘passing grade 1’ videos here on the website which had significantly more complex strumming and techniques in them.
I guess I need to browse the website a bit more

Thanks again


When Justin creates song lessons he frequently shows increasing levels of options to play the songs.
This gives new beginners a chance to lay the songs with basic chords, simple strumming and no frills or fancy fret work.
He also shows development which allows more experienced beginners, intermediate players and more to go to seemingly ‘simple’ songs and apply their advancing skills to play them in more technically demanding ways.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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