Songs removed from the app

I have noticed that some songs mentioned in the modules as good practice songs are not available in the Justin Guitar App to practice with.

For example in module 6 “This Year’s Love - David Gray” is the song mentioned to practice 6:8 pattern but it is not in the app. Am I doing something wrong here? Any way to find the song?

If not then what will be a good alternative to practice 6:8 pattern with the chord known so far?

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@itsthistime Rohit, I have never used the app but assume that the song is no longer available in the App, as per the licensing issues that are discussed elsewhere. I love this song and learned it from Justin’s song lesson Perhaps try learning the song using it. You can also slow the playback speed down to play along with Justin when he plays the song at the start of the lesson.

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As I write this comment (2023 Jan 2) This Year’s Love is part of the Justin Guitar App. I’m not sure when it was added.

The App does not mention using a capo, but I’m pretty sure you need to use a capo on the first fret, just like Justin does in his video version. When I didn’t use a capo it sounded unbelievable bad. With a capo I still sound bad, but now it seems fixable.

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