Songs Removed from the JustinGuitar Lessons & Songs App

As you probably noticed, we had to remove some songs from the JustinGuitar Lessons & Songs App library. Here’s why - and a sorry note!

Is that message incomplete?

The complete message can be read on the website : :slightly_smiling_face:

did u forget an attachment? :thinking:. also why are changes always explained waaaayyyyyyy after the fact instead of giving us advanced warning. musopia seems to feel they do what they want when they want and customers be damned. you only offer an explanation “after” theres dozens of complaints. be proactive.


Ok, I am also an app user, and I get it that people get frustrated when songs are removed without prior warning so they don’t have a chance of transcribing them before they are removed. And I have no exprience as to how companies go about these licensing issues, so I can only guess.

My guess is, when a company decides to stake a licensing claim, it wants the files in question to be removed ASAP. From their point of view, giving a warning period to allow people to copy the songs they want to protect wouldn’t be very logic, would it, as that would allow people to do what they are in fact trying to prevent?

So maybe Musopia and Justin don’t really have a choice but to remove the songs immediatly, and simply don’t have the option of sending out a prewarning? And maybe complaints should not be directed at Musopia and/or Justin, but at those who demanded the removal of the songs?


its not just the songs, its everything up to and including price increases.

I can follow you there. But since you posted this in this topic, your message sounded differently to me (happens to all of us, I guess :wink:). It’s just that people tend to fault Musopia and/or Justin when songs are removed, when it’s probably not their fault. Something like shooting the piano (or in this case, guitar) player, I guess.

just to clarify, im not aiming any of this at justin. this is a musopia app and justin unfortunately has limited oversight after he gives them the initial input.