Soothsayer - by Buckethead

So I listened to the solo by Buckethead in Soothsayer, and it is an incredible solo guitar piece. Wonder why Justin hasn’t done a lesson on it already. If anyone who has learned this song already, what kind of accessories do we need to play it ? Delay pedal is pretty prominent, but I don’t know if something else is needed.

Kunal, I can’t help with your questions about playing the solo. In terms of lessons, you can place a request on First search to check if it has already been requested. This feature is active and I can confirm Justin pays attention to it in selecting songs to make lessons. Needless to say, he receives many requests and can’t make lessons for every song requested, needing to balance time spent recording lessons with continuing to record lessons to fill out the programme grades.

Take a look here

It sounds to me like maybe a phaser and at some point a wah pedal used very slowly; it’s difficult to find exactly what he’s doing really!

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