SORROW famous by D.Bowie

Boys are intrigued by girls. Nature. …so next, somebody writes a song; this one was penned in 1965:


Don’t really know the song but sounds to me it’s a country song? But any way good job.

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Nicely done, Robert! I love Bowie’s cover, and I love how you took inspiration from it yet made the song your own.

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Thanks Judi ! Very nice to read your response and be encouraged. The Bowie video with him on a chessboard singing SORROW is on YouTube and fun to see if you are looking into Bowie. I believe David played sax on the recording, but for the video there is a “dancer” playing the sax. I love how David Bowie always skirted issues, put it all in our face, and kept it all fresh. He could have directed/produced anything entertaining from strict opera to camp Rocky Horror. To me it’s all fun. _R

Thx jwaters. The first band’s name does sound like it could be country. So does the second. Once Bowie recorded SORROW, I think it was no longer country. Look up HURT by Trent Resnor of NIN and its poplar recording by Johnny Cash. HURT was converted. Thanks for listening and your comment. _R

Hi Robert. I never heard this song, but loved your rendition. You look very comfortable and it sounds great! :slight_smile: It would be better for us to see your picking hand fully especially when you do those strumming variations.

I thought I knew all different ways to play open G. How wrong was I? :smiley: I find your way very interesting, will try it definitely.

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Thanks for the response Boris. I’ll work on the framing. I usually just prop my cellphone up on a book, but I see what your saying. SORROW is such an easy song…4 chords total. That G you are referencing helps me get to the quick. Im fretting the low G and muting the A sring with my thumb…+fretting the high G with my pointer finger. Sometimes I also fret the B string at the third fret too. Keep on playin’

Hello Robert, that was a really nice rendition :+1::clap:. Very well played and sung.

I like the the strumming and picking variations. They make the song very interesting to listen to. Also your singing was great - with lots of feeling and enthusiasm.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Thanks for all your support Nicole!

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