Sorry For The Things - Benjamin Tod (Cover)

Well I’m here again boys and gals! You got rid of my voice for the last couple of videos, and that cannot be :sweat_smile:

Anyway, this is a song that I fell in love with a while ago, and have been learning it for the last couple of months. I finally got to be able to sing while doing the fingerpicking pattern, whish to me is a huge deal.

It’s true that it’s a more simple version than the original, but still very proud of it. Typical blunders on the guitar, and on the vocals…this was particularly hard to sing.

Here is my thingy:

And since this is not a very popular tune, here is a great performance by the writer of the song:

Tips and any advice is welcome as always! Cheers!


Good stuff. Lots of interesting lyrics in that song. I like what he said in the intro to the song.

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Hi Kevin,
lovely quiet fingerpicking song :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…I like the guitar a bit louder in the beginning, but then I start whining about a detail…Great job and I was able to dream away a 2nd time… :sunglasses:

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Kevin, that was superb!

Some pretty nifty fingerpicking and I really enjoyed that song. Bravo on singing and fingerpicking, it certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do.

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@tony Me too Tony, all of his music feels like comes from living and real stuff.

@roger_holland thanks Roger, I agree that the voice covers too much for gñf the guitar at parts, and I had the mic really close to the guitar…

@SgtColon thanks Stefan!

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Didn’t know the song but I glad you introduced us to it :smiley:

sweet playing bro and your singing isn’t bad either to say the least.
Very much allowed ot be proud.

I’d love to see you transpose it up a little, have you standign straight and sing it a little higher. Your low voice showds you don’t have issues in delivering power in lower registers and that’s awesome but I think your expression/delivery will benefit from going up a bit.
Do I sense a bit of unsteady confidence going up a bit in vocal region for this song?
I kinda feel you’re up to it…

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That was great Kevin your deep voice really did service to this song. Singing along while doing a fingerstyle song is such an achievement, I still remember when I did one and it made me so proud - cherish this moment you deserve it!

And I really dig this sort of songs so thanks for showing it to me!

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I just shown your version to my wife Kevin and we both agreed your version is so much better than original, I just prefer the song to be a bit lower than what original has to offer. So again bravo!

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Well played and sung, Kevin, bravo

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@LievenDV thanks very much Lieven, the truth is I even tried to go lower :sweat_smile:
I get very insecure going higher, like it takes too much energy to go there. It’s possible that I got used to singing lower, and going high doesn’t seem comfortable, but it’s something that I’m open to explore and I’ll give it a try. Thanks again for the thoughtful review and advice!

@adi_mrok thank you Adrian, I’m glad you enjoyed it and discovered the original, very interesting artist.

And about what you and your wife said, wow… I don’t think I feel deserving of those words but I’ll take it!

@DavidP cheers David!

Thanks again everyone for listening, I know these “obscure” songs are not as attractive to click on so I appreciate it even more

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Never heard this song, but really enjoyed your take on it. Lovely guitar tones and play. I agree that you vox maybe could come up a bit (not quite like the original). A very nice performance, indeed.

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Super fingerpicking Kevin, I really liked it. Don’t know the song but I enjoyed your version. Your vocal was terrific but I tend to agree with the others that a slightly higher key might suit you. Just don’t get a dumb ass tattoo on your neck like the original guy!! :smiley:

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Great playing Kevin. Really enjoyed it. I love modern folksy acoustic stuff.

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Awsome as always Kevin!!
To me it sounded mellow and raw at the same time… just the way i love it!

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