Sound of Silence

Nope. Add me to the list!
BTW, great job, Mark!

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That was fantastic, well done @TheCluelessLuthier !! Your general flow and rhythm were very enjoyable to listen to. Your vocals were smooth and in tune. Keep up the great work!

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@wiredforsound @Traveler Thanks Kevin and Travis!

Hi, Mark. First let me say kudos to you for your guitar build; looks and sounds great!

This is my third listen and I’ve held off responding until I had a chance to listen to the Original. I really like what you’ve got going here, both guitar and vocal. A great song choice and well done. But my personal preference would be a little less verb or maybe a different type. It almost sounds like a delay/echo type FX to me. After listening to the original, I can see why you went this route, though.

Thanks Dave. It was really a combination original by Simon & Garfunkel with some influence from the band Disturbed that influenced my decision. While the original has been one of my favorite songs since I was young, Disturbed gave it a power that matches the lyrics.

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Hey Mark that was great :smiley:
The singing, picking and strumming were spot on!
Bravo :sunglasses:
I am blessed with my ears ability to cut through interference like static, tinny speakers, and yes, even over-verb Welcome to ‘different’ :rofl:
I much prefer singing Paul Simon’s harmonies to this than Art’s lovely melody :smiley:

Thanks Brian! Though your ability to cut through the reverb could potentially mitigate my attempt to avoid any comparison with Arts’ vocals. Any attempt to duplicate his vocals would be futile. :wink:

I do too. And it’s not close for me. There’s much more of a build in Disturbed’s version…the original is a great song…never had an issue with it…until I heard Disturbed do it.

Disclaimer: I like a few Disturbed songs but not a huge fan. This song is the exception.

NIcely done!

Thanks Jeff! I agree, I had never heard of Disturbed before this song and do not know any others. I am really not a big fan of metal. But, their version of this song blew me away.

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Hi Mark,

Really nice cover.
S&G version for me, but only because of the vocals.
Not keen on the vocalist in the Distrubed version - like the music though.


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Thanks Stephan!

Lovely performance Mark - not an easy one, but you pulled it off.

You mentioned Disturbed’s cover - for yet another with a slightly different stylistic take, Google the version by The Dickies :rofl:

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Wow, punk rock on speed! :exploding_head: I did find the minute of actual silence an interesting touch. :smirk:

This is great, Mark!

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Thanks Andrew!