Soundbrenner Pulse Wearable Metronome

Does anyone have experience with a metronome watch?
Do you like it?

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I don’t, but facebook advertises it to me all the time. Looks cool but seems weird that it pulses your wrist instead of makes a noise - when playing with other musicians you’d need to sync with a beat you hear, not feel.

Might be useful for solo musicians that perform by themselves and struggle to keep time without something like it.

If you played with all your heart, would that not be the same as a pulse? :wink: :rofl:


My smart watch has an app for it, haven’t found it useful to be honest

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I’ve got one :roll_eyes:

To be honest I don’t really use it that much these days as prefer using my Boss DB-90 metronome. That maybe down to having to charge it all the time, whereas, the DB-90 battery lasts for ages and you can plug your guitar into it.

Yeah, I never quite got used to the vibration on my wrist. I haven’t tried it on my ankle or across my body. It might be useful to those practicing tapping their foot, as if you feel the vibration you haven’t tapped on the beat.

You can multi-player sync with your band.

I think they have just recently introduced DAW compatibility to it where you can control the tempo via the likes of reaper and vice versa.

The one thing that was quite handy was the tap tempo.

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I thought it looked a bit expensive. I could get an iPhone app and an arm holder, or pocket. But I tried that and didn’t think it was that helpful. If I don’t want an audible (to others) metronome, I put in a single Bluetooth headphone on transparency mode. Seems to do the trick.

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I have one of these and I wanted it for performance situations as I tend to speed up during the song - probably nerves. But I’ve found it too hard to change the tempo from one song to the next while on stage. You can’t be fiddling with the thing between songs with the audience getting restless.

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