Soundhole pickups - a few questions

A few weeks ago I watched a StewMac video comparing 3 types of pickup design for acoustic guitars. Of those 3, the soundhole pickup seems to be the best fit as I wouldn’t like to have permanent modifications made to my guitars. However, I have a few questions that you could help me answer.

  1. To feedback or not to feedback: The Fishman Neo-D has a single coil and a humbucker variant, the difference between them is obvious. However, they also have a humbucker with a feedback-evading soundhole cover. Would this be something to consider in a home environment (with neighbours around)?

  2. Amplifier: I would imagine that a soundhole pickup is compatible with any guitar amp or pedal with a 1/4" jack socket. I’ve got a Fender Mustang I (V.2) combo amp with built-in effects and it can be connected to my laptop as well. Would that be suitable, or would I need an acoustic amp for the acoustic guitars?

  3. Recording: Would there be any difference in recording an amplified acoustic and an electric guitar via an audio interface? I imagine not, but who knows.

Also, are there any other soundhole pickups you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

first question you need to answer is.
Do you want your Acoustic guitar to sound like an Acoustic?

Sound hole pick ups work just like electric guitar pick ups, producing sound directly from the strings and not from the body of the guitar.

  1. To feedback or not to feedback:
    How loud do you plan on playing? If you’re using the pick up for recording only and not volume you don’t need to worry about feed back. If you’re using it for volume you will get feed back if you’re no careful.

  2. yes it’s like any other pick up

  3. No

I wouldn’t recommend any sound hole pick up if you are looking for an Acoustic sound.
If you just want a louder guitar play you electric on the clean setting or get an acoustic simulator peddle or have a K&K internal pick up installed.
The best way to record an acoustic is with a good mic.

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I owned a fender mustang 2 for several years. I found it barely suitable for acoustic and superb for electric.

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  1. If you keep it clean and are careful with volume levels it should be OK.
  2. Your Mustang should be ok as for (1)
  3. No not really, provided you make sure your levels don’t go too high.
    Another one to look at is the Seymour Duncan Woody, it’s the one I would use myself.
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Hey Jozsef, I agree with stitch - k&k pure mini is nice natural sounding pickup just drill a hole for the jack and glue 3 little button things behind the bridge. And I remember you just got a Casino - hollowbody?

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Thanks for the answer. Yes, the Casino is a hollowbody.