Southofpegasus - June 2024 - first recordings (Runaway Train + Upward Over The Mountain + Washing Dishes))

So this first link is just in case you want to listen to a ten minute loop of the Final Countdown intro as you prepare yourself for the monumental occasion you have come to bear witness to.

Final Countdown Intro Loop

The next two links are the newly released and already number one hit single from… wait… I’m getting ahead of myself. The following links are my first and second amateur quality phone recordings of my first learned song. Never have I ever. Until tonight. Something clicked a few days ago and I figured out how to combine keeping track of my strumming and chord changes while also vomiting sounds from my face at the same time. It’s actually been three days now since I listened to the recording Sayheycarl posted of this song. I listened to it, something happened in my brain, and I took a big step forward. I’m one step closer to to answering yes when someone asks if I play. Entry level Jasmine S34C. I am no vocalist by any means but I’m a little proud of myself if for no reason other than posting this on the internet. For real though, the budding rock star in me is counting the truckloads of cash heading my way. The critic in me who would make Gordon Ramsay blush has less flattering things to say. That’s where you guys and gals come in. I know I’m not good yet but I also know I’m not so bad I need to be cursed out of the kitchen. I need an impartial jury.

Take One

Take Two


Very nicely done, Ed! Congratulations! You’re inspiring others with this great first step.

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Hi Ed,

Something tells me you must have been playing around on guitar for a while prior to this :thinking: great chord changes, lovely smooth even strumming and I think you do yourself down, the voice is a good one :+1: :clap:

Love your write up very humorous, enjoyed the recording and absolutely loved the innovative fade out/walk back in take 2 :clap: :rofl: :+1: brillinat Ed :ok_hand:


Hi Ed ,
Your first recording ,that is a big thing :sunglasses: :partying_face: :clap:
And certainly a good one ,I liked it very much :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: … the comment I could give is actually exactly as you describe … so be super satisfied and keep it up, and if you are not left-handed you will have to change the setting in your phone …
I will give you a :+1: instead of a :heart: because I gave to much the last 24 hours :blush:


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Hi Ed, congrats on your first AVOP! You did very well and I guess, you already play for a while or are a re-starter, as your skills are way above an early beginner?
Your rhythm is solid and your voice fits the song very well! A very enjoyable first video!
I learnt the song too, must be more than a year ago, it’s a great tune and you reminded me to pick it up again and do some polishing :blush:.
We hopefully see some more recordings from you soon!


You certainly have the rock star look down cold. :metal: :smiley:

Congrats on your first video, I think it’s great! Your strumming and chord changes are really solid and sound good. If singing and playing at the same time has been an issue for you until recently, it doesn’t show - it’s working really well.
And you might not think of yourself as a vocalist - yet, but it’s pretty good. There are a lot of great lines that show you have the potential to become really good. A few lines fall a bit out of tune, but it’s just a matter of some more practice, in my opinion. Overall you can be really proud of this - you are off to a great start.


I thought that was great! Great timing, too. Very enjoyable, very green also lol.

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Echoing the comments of others: excellent rhythm on your strumming and good vocals - slightly better on take 2. Enjoyed seeing and listening.



That sounds great! Thanks for sharing. Good effort brother!

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I’m with the others in your audience today - that was very smooth playing and enjoyable singing. I will await the release of your first album Mr. Rock Star.

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Nicely done, Ed. I would be happy to get to that level. If you need a driver for any of those cash-laden trucks, let me know.



Thank you everyone for the kind comments! They are very much appreciated and needed.

Yes, I have been “playing” off and on for a bit. I made a few effortless attempts over the course of my life which I quickly gave up on each time. About two years ago I picked up this cheap Jasmine acoustic. I stumbled across Justin Guitar and made a quick pass through grade one and started grade two before life happened like it always has. I would practice chords enough to get some calluses only to get derailed and loose them. I only recently got somewhat serious but I haven’t picked back up on lessons. I’ve simply been doing what I call fancy chord change exercises. Basically just tossing together a few chords and making up something that sounds cool.

I won’t go into details but some things happened over the last year. It’s been… challenging. There’s been some intense therapy. A little over a month ago I had a profound breakthrough. I’ve been pouring myself into, well, myself. Music has been a big part of that. As I mentioned in the other post, I came across this song a couple of days ago on here. I hadn’t heard it in a very long time. Long enough it took me a while to realize I’d heard it before. The lyrics are timely to say the least. Especially the last line.

I think instead of looking for an out I took a chance on an outlet and something clicked. I picked up the guitar and three days later these recordings emerged. I don’t know how I did it. I still have no clue what I’m doing. I played it over and over until I reached a point I felt I might learn it if I just kept at it. I took a break and drove thirty something miles to the nearest music store just to get way for a breather and look at higher quality guitars. I played several guitars. Nothing really stood out as being any better than my Jasmine. Then I picked up a $1,200 Blueridge acoustic/electric. It sounded great. It was effortless to play. I sounded quite good actually. I guess I gained some confidence because I came home and made these recordings.

So yeah, I’ve got some time in playing chords off and on while beating my head against a brick wall but this is night and day compared to a few days ago. Light bulb moments are weird. Reminds me of a quote from a book I ran across years ago that stuck with me:

“…if you walked into a solid wall every second, you would have to wait longer than the current age of the universe to have a good chance of passing through it on one of your attempts. With eternal patience (and longevity), though, you could–sooner or later–emerge on the other side” - Brian Greene. The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory.

I never would have posted such a video even just a few days ago. The positive feedback is nice and inspiring. I have more confidence now. I have three more songs I’ve started looking into that are equally as fitting for this moment in time. I’ve been listening to them all day and hope to make at least one of them happen if only a basic, stripped down version. One is The Climb by Miley Cyrus. F**ckin’ Perfect by Pink is another. And then I won’t Back Down by Tom Petty. I don’t know if they’ll come together as quickly but I’m inspired to put real effort into them now.

Thank you all!



That sounded great Ed. I echo everything the others have already said. Super first post!

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Well done Ed, love this song and you’ve done it tremendous justice. Your vox are really good and I liked the mixing up of strumming pattern you’ve put in there.

Bravo, now keep 'em coming :slight_smile: :heartbeat: :clap:


Very impressive for a first recording of your singing it all gelled so really well, singing is something that I have still got to get to grips with, well one day, but I really enjoyed your productions. Congratulations. :clap: :clap: :+1:

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Thanks you all for the continued kind comments. They are helpful beyond measure. I’m taking notes and listening to my videos on repeat to arm myself with rebuttals to throw back at the relentless critic inside me. It might not feel like much when you comment but it’s tremendously helpful as I work to switch the narrative in my head from “you could if only…” to “you can and will.”

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Very nicely played & sung, Ed!!!
I definitely think you should be proud of yourself for posting this diamond in the rough here!!! Keep polishing it - this one’s a “keeper”!!!

Good job & keep 'em coming -
There’s a guitarist :guitar: inside you that needs to be let out!!! Go for it!!! :metal:


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Foot-tapping worthy song! I can tell you have great personality. Great exits! Loved them both. I also heard a strong diaphragm making great dynamics in your vocals. No worries on your singing abilities. Just keep singing and keep playing this time!!

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The kindness here is bringing me to tears but in a good way. :heart:

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The positive reinforcement here is helping me tremendously. I don’t know that I can fully express how beneficial it has been in helping my confidence and driving me to push myself. This cover attempt is very rudimentary to say the least. My brain is overflowing with activity and it’s challenging to slow down and become as intimate as this song requires plus my skill level is not at a place to play like Samuel Beam. That said, I’ve been working on this all morning trying to find a way I can play it even if it’s nothing like the original. Any feedback is appreciated.

Upward Over The Mountain - Cover Attempt