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I have just answered a query about the strumming pattern of 16ths so I thought I would post it here too:

Swing your arm for all 16 counts.
Strike the strings where the count is bright green.
Miss the strings where the count is pale green.

I hope it helps.

That’s really helpful. I wrote it out the same… :grinning: but I wasn’t sure that I got it correct.


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Thanks Richard. I’m having some trouble with the strumming between the half bar of Fm and half bar of C in the chorus. If I split the given pattern in half, the switch to C would happen on the second consecutive upstrum (the “e” after 3), correct? I can’t get this to sound right. Upon some repeated watches of Justin playing in the intro, it looks like maybe he’s not really following the above pattern for THAT part, but is instead switching to all 8th downstrums instead. I realize there is no steadfast rule here with the strumming and that no one is going to know the difference, of course, so I’m definitely OK with this. :grinning:

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I’ve been playing this song for a long time and the tab I have uses Bbmaj7, not straight up Bb. It’s a tough chord to play but sounds better. I have the chord noted as x23231 or xx3231… I play the former w/high E string muted.