Spanish Romance (part 1)

A timeless classical piece by Fernando Sor, “Spanish Romance” (only first part).


Very impressive Radek, always loved that piece.
Thank you for sharing.
BTW liking Mr Cirillo !!



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Very nice indeed! I’m looking for some instrumentals to learn, so maybe this one :smiley:

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Nicely played… a bit short though.

Keep rock’n in the new year!

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Very nice. Cool to see you delving into classical guitar repertoire. I find many classical pieces to be more difficult to play on a steel string guitar – you have to be very precise with your finger picking technique since the strings tend to be closer together.

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Thanks. I like it too, it never aged for me. I like how it starts easy and gradually increases difficulty. I only managed to get through first part out of 3. Need to level up a bit before I get back to the part 2 again.

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Thank you. Well, yes, it is short because it is only about 30% of the whole piece.

Thanks Jason.
I wanted to try some classics, Spanish Romance looked approachable (until I hit part two). I definitely want to learn whole piece in the future and get decent classical guitar at some point (I went through two guitars this summer but no luck due to quality issues).

Classical guitar is far more generous when it comes to strings spacing but also requires more stretch. Nice to have though.

Yeah. You might look into parlor sized classical guitars (basically 7/8 sized). I have a Cordoba C9 Parlor that plays very nicely. The parlor size helps a bit with the stretch.

Interesting, thanks for the suggestion!