Spark Go just delivered let me know if you have questions

Rod @Rod58
Interesting, somebody had just got one and had it at the guitar club tonight.
As you would expect everybody wanted to plug their guitars in and have a go, especially those that had electrics.
It seem to be well received by those that had a go.

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Hi all, I got my Spark GO recently. Connected it with a cable to my IPad and when I start the Justin Guitar app it is way too loud (max) with headphones I am afraid to have permanent hearing damage. Via Bluetooth it is possible to lower the sound of the IPad (Justin app) but then there is a delay on the Guitaraoke and they does not help me practice. If I connect via cable the delay goes away but there is not way to control the volume so it becomes unusable.

Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?


The volume control for the Go is the round wheel that surrounds 1/4” input jack. Seems like that would be your solution with headphones. Good luck!

Thanks, will try it out - my impression was that the wheel was just for the guitar “in”