Spencer's Learning Log

So having read a few logs this seems like a good place to map my progress for myself.

First things first though, thank you all for such a lovely welcome to the community.

I’m Spencer, 53 this year, husband, dad to 2 (1 at uni and 1 on cusp of uni).
Several (read many) years ago a colleague and friend gifted me 2 of his guitars.

An Ovation and Ibanez Gio.
I picked them up every now and again trying a YouTube video, alas no joy.

Last year I took up some lessons to get me started then family stuff took over, making my weeks chaotic.
Found Justin Guitar and found his YouTube videos clear, easy to follow and very structured for a newbie with no musical past.

So here I am at Grade 1 and making my way through A and D. Focusing on chord perfect and changing chords. I’ve hit 30 chords changes once this week. So will keep on with trying to do 10 to 20 minutes a day.


you will soon be eager for more :smiley:

So continued doing A D practice and feeling happy with how the chords sound on each of those. Stopped as my fingers were starting to hurt a little.
The guitar I got from my friend, he had put new strings on before he gave to me. Apparently most newbies don’t usually start with steel strings, so the guitar teacher told me last year. Thus why my fingers were really hurting at the start. Got used to it though. Will get used to it again. The past 4 months were fairly guitar free, so much going on in home life (dad passing, moving mum in with us as she has dementia). Getting back to guitar feels wonderful and getting lost in it for just a little while feels lovely.

Consistently at 28 to 30 changes in a minute. Feeling good about that.

I’m not so sure about that. Expect your fingers to be sore for a couple of weeks and then that will subside. Maybe split your session into a couple of 10 minute sessions each day (if that’s possible within your life) to ease them in a bit more gradually.

A log is a great way to track your progress and ask questions when stuff comes up. There will be times when progress is a bit slow so seeing where you started from can be motivating.

Keep up the good work :+1:

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So as @mattswain said my fingers are sore but I’m able to practice longer and longer each time.
So have been progressing my way through chord changes. Have myself on module 2 of level 1 and sticking there for a while getting the chord changes increased between E, A and D.
The chords are ringing out clear, at least when I am not trying to change rapidly between them :slightly_smiling_face:

Also started learning a easy version of "House of the Rising Sun"then later down the line can learn a beginner+1 version :upside_down_face: :smile:

Found myself lost in playing this morning. Came up for air and time had just disappeared :heart_eyes:


It is frustrating that the fingers don’t move as fast as the brain thinks they should :rofl:
But yet my fingers move so much quicker than when I fist started and the chords ring out better; I’ve got video to prove it but managing that “walk before you can run” instinct is sometimes hard.

Doing the Peter Gunn Theme was good, as it is a ditty I recognise and felt like I was playing. A bit like learning the easy guitar “House of the Rising Sun”.

So the video of me playing in my very first week of picking up the guitar shows I have improved so that is what I am holding on to for now. :smiling_face:

Also there are some really inspiring learning logs out there for those taking up the guitar using justin guitar as a guide. Those make me want to stick to it as much as enjoying picking up the guitar.

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I don’t know if you’ve found them yet, but there’s a good series of videos of Justin learning to play left-handed on YouTube. He’s obviously got all of the guitar knowledge but they show that getting your fingers moving in unison is hard regardless.

It’s definitely good that you have some video to look back on. It’s easy to forget where you were even a week or 2 ago. It’s better to compare against where you were rather than trying to compare your lack of ability against someone who has been professional for 30 years! Sounds ridiculous but we do it anyway :joy:

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Welcome aboard Spencer and well done on starting a learning log early on your journey. It can be a nice record of progress for those times when you find yourself banging your head against a brick wall :rofl:
Sorry for the loss of your father and I wish you the best looking after your mum with dementia. I kidnapped my mum for nearly two years during covid, and it was rewarding, but difficult at times.
I found guitar and this community a great outlet for when i was housebound.
Use the Community as it suits you, but beware of getting too ‘sucked in’. It’s impossible to keep abreast of everything these days :wink:
Look forward to following your progress

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