Spoiler tags are not directly supported in Markdown, but they ARE (sort of) possible with HTML!

It would be useful to be able to post e.g. our transcription attempts for more experienced site members or admins to review without automatically spoiling them for other people working their way through the lessons, and I didn’t see any way to easily do that with the formatting options displayed in the default editor.

Enter StackOverflow to the rescue - see below for an example.

Using the "details" and "summary" HTML tags, text can be hidden until the user clicks on the element, just like a spoiler tag! (click to expand)

If you can see this only after clicking, it worked!

Here's a code block - might be useful for formatting tabs, rhythms, etc.

To create a spoiler tag using HTML:
  <summary>Always visible text goes here</summary>

   Hidden text goes here.

EDIT: As pointed out by the knowledgeable stitch, click the gear/settings icon in the editor and click Hide Details to automatically insert the correct HTML.

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Hey, that is really cool. I never knew you could do that in html.

Click me! Thanks
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Use the Hide Details in the setting drop down window


Ha… I had never looked into that settings icon.

Lol, you know, I had seen that, but since it was next to Build Poll, I didn’t even think to see what it might be. Good to know!

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This wasn’t at all obvious on my iPad, but this is what it looks like:

The gear icon is a weird choice - this is just more formatting options - nothing to do with settings.

And I don’t see a “Build Poll” option anywhere…

This is weird, my tablet has the same drop down list as your picture but my computer has this one

It’s fairly common for UI elements to get pushed into sub-menus on mobile devices due to their lesser screen widths (which is what’s going on in those 2 screenshots), but they generally don’t completely remove options, so that’s a bit strange Build Poll is missing from the tablet interface.